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2018-11 04

[Notice]Education expenses per student at Hanyang University, estimated at 21.388 million won

Hanyang University ranked the tenth among the surveyed universities with an estimated cost of approximately 21.388 million won invested per student for creating educational conditions for students. The Ministry of Education and the Korean Council for University Education released an analysis of 'Education Expenses per Student' among 185, four-year universities. This analysis was posted on the Higher Education in KOREA, a university information disclosure site on August 31st. According to the public announcement report, the cost of education per student in 2017 was 15.46 million won, 4.1 per cent higher than the previous year. The average education expenses per student at private institutions have risen to 14.97 million won in 2017, a 3.8 percent increase. Meanwhile, the cost at public universities has increased to 1.76 million won, up 5 percent from last year. The university with the highest education expense per student was POSTECH (89,178,500won), followed by Seoul National University (43,347,800 won), CHA University (34,630,200 won), Korea Tech (33,558,300 won), Yonsei University (30,241,700 won), Sungkyunkwan University (28,081,400 won), Catholic University (23,769,800 won), Korea University (22,859,500 won), Ajou University (21,792,100 won), and Hanyang University (21,388,000 won). The education expense per student reflects the total university investments divided by the number of enrolled students. In the case of public universities, there are five subdivisions such as 'university accounting', 'development fund accounting', ‘industrial cooperative accounting', 'purchase of books', and 'purchase of machinery and equipment,' while private universities include ‘school-expense accounting’, ‘industrial cooperative accounting', 'purchase of books', and 'purchase of machinery and equipment'. These expenses are calculated by dividing the sum of these subcategories by the number of students. Each category reflects labor costs, operating expense, scholarship, and expenses related to student research.

2018-08 24

[Notice]"The 7th Hanyang Future R&D Competition" Held on August 24th.

Hanyang Industry-University-Research Cooperation Foundation held "The 7th Hanyang Future R&D Competition" on Friday, August 24th. This competition was planned to find outstanding researchers at Hanyang campus and to win government funded-projects by promoting interdisciplinary convergence research among researchers Participants are in-school researchers (full-time faculty members, research faculty members, and postdoctoral fellows), companies run by Hanyang graduates, enterprises which signed MOU with Hanyang. Participating fields include medicine, engineering, humanities, natural sciences, life sciences, and arts & sports. Applications can be received through e-mail( Research incentives are given to researchers who are selected for outstanding tasks. For more information, please contact the Center for Industry-University Research & Development on Seoul campus (02-2220-2502) or the Center for Business Cooperation on ERICA campus (031-400-4947). ▲ Poster of "The 7th Hanyang Future R&D Competition"

2018-08 13

[Notice]Recruiting WELCOME Hanyang Volunteers, in the 2nd semester of 2018

The ERICA Campus international team will recruit members for the WELCOME Hanyang Volunteers in the second semester of 2018. If you become a member of volunteers, you will be able to help international and Korean students from Student Welfare Center's Global Information Center on ERICA campus, for three hours every week, from September 3 to December 21. Recruitment is due on August 19. The maximum number of students to be recruited is 30, and the applicants are Korean and foreign students (including graduate students) at ERICA campus. However, freshmen and early graduates, students who are on leave, and those who are expected to graduate are excluded. English or Chinese proficiency is preferred, and former first group of WELCOME Hanyang Volunteers will be exempted from interviews when they pass the document screening process. You can apply at the online page ( For details, please call the International Team (031-400-4918) or mail ( ▲ Poster for recruiting WELCOME Hanyang Volunteers in the 2nd semester, 2018

2018-03 21

[Notice]'WELCOMING PARTY' for International Students at College of Engineering

HISA, HYCE International Student Ambassador, holds a 'Welcoming Party-HISA Info Night' for Engineering International Students on Friday, March 26th at 6 p.m. at Engineering Building2 FAB LAB. This event will host a variety of programs including orientation, HISA Supporters introduction, games and food, to share HISA with international students and to promote friendship among them. For more information about the event, contact HISA Supporters at 010-9467-5215.

2017-11 27

[Notice]“HY GLOBAL MARKET” Flea Market Held on December 4th

HY GLOBAL MARKET, a flea market event to support immigrant women residing in Korea will be held in front of the Clock Tower Pavilion of Engineering Building Ⅰ, Seoul Campus on Monday, December 4th. This flea market is filled with items donated by Hanyang and WE-HY supporters and foreign students from College of Engineering will be participated as sellers. The proceeds will be donated to the Korean Migrant Women Human Rights Center under the name of all donors. Donations will be accepted until Tuesday, November 28 and donated to Main Hall 402 (Hanyang Women's Center for Human Resource Development) of Seoul Campus Industrial Center. For more information about events and donations, please contact the Administration Team of the College of Engineering (02-2220-0296) or the Center for the Advancement of Female Engineers (02-2220-1632 ~ 4). ▲‘HY GLOBAL MARKET’ poster

2017-11 07

[Notice]Expressing Out Confidence in Korean

“I have a Korean presentation a few weeks later, and I have no idea how to prepare for it.” This is a common concern among international students in Hanyang University (HYU). Along with the increasing number of international students in HYU, various programs are being created to help these students. The Intensive Korean Writing Class (IKWC) is a special program made solely for international students by the Center for Creative Convergence Education, for those having problems writing in academic Korean. News H attended the first class of the second semester to take a closer look. IKWC, a stepping stone for international students As international students in HYU, they inevitably have to go through an obstacle of a language barrier. This could happen both in daily living and in lectures. However, a lot of these students recall their Korean assignments as the most difficult. When writing, various literacy expressions along with the correct grammar have to be considered. This makes writing for the international students a cause for repulsion. “Grammatical problems aren’t the only problems international students go through. They have difficulties with applying the unique traits only Korean has. I try my hardest to teach them these characteristics so that they could freely use them in their assignments,” commented Oh Se-jin, a lecturer from the IKWC. Oh gave an enthusiastic lecture to the students. “The most important element when writing is considering the reader. In your cases, it would be the professor,” Oh started off. She explained the overall curriculum of the class, dividing writing into the distinction of the literary and colloquial style to writing reports and resumes. The lecturer kindheartedly gave similarities and differences between Korean and the students’ mother tongue. “I believe that both spoken and written words have the power to move a person. So I tend to emphasize sincere writing and speaking when I teach. I wish the students would not fear writing in Korean by the time this class is over,” said Oh. Various reasons have brought these international students with different nationalities to this class. Zhang Yang Yi (Business Administration, 1st year) from China explained, “I don’t have any difficulties when writing in Chinese. I can write in long sentences including all I want to say, but it’s the opposite in Korean. I simply can’t think of what I should write when writing a report in Korean.” Another Chinese student, Zuo Jia Yu also expressed that she had difficulties with her vocabulary. “I first started learning Korean two years ago when I first entered this university. I had problems with Korean grammar and vocabulary during lectures, so I intend to improve my vocabulary skills through this class.” The students also concentrated through the whole class. The Center for Creative Convergence Education Behind this helpful program, a lot of effort was made by the Communications Clinic in the Center for Creative Convergence Education. This Clinic was constructed in 2012 to develop the Hanyangians’ creativity and their communicative competency. This center manages not only this IKWC, but also various programs such as the communication clinic, future humanities forum, debate competitions, English film festival, and English quiz nights. The communication clinic is the foundation of IKWC, allowing all Hanyangians to receive help in four languages – Korean, English, Chinese and Spanish. This center is working hard for the improvement of creativity and communication skills, and a lot of students are receiving help from it. The IKWC made its first step last year, made by the request of the Office of International Affairs, due to the need for academic help for international students as HYU is a globalized university. International students require a certain ability with their Korean writing skills to proceed with their academics in HYU; therefore, there was a need for a program that could help them get to a certain extent in their writing of Korean. The first year of the IKWC, therefore, came to an end with great satisfaction for international students. This second IKWC this year is already almost full of students wishing to improve their Korean skills, and they have started their first class off successfully. Students can receive their counciling in these rooms. (Photo courtesy of Communications Clinic) Chan Puthearath from Cambodia commented, “I have a Korean presentation two weeks later, and I wish I can prepare it well to give a great presentation. I don’t want to be a harm to my Korean teammates, and I will do my best!” Anyone who is in need of help with their language skills, whether it is Korean, English, Chinese or Spanish, can freely visit this clinic and receive help. Why don’t you visit the clinic and express your confidence in the language you wish? On Jung-yun Photos by Kang Cho-hyun

2017-11 07

[Notice]Hanyang University Carries out Kimchi-sharing Volunteer Activities

Hanyang University will hold a ceremony called "Sea-bong (Service to make the world beautiful) Kimchi Sharing Volunteer Activities" in front of the Lion Statue of the New Administration Building at 9a.m on Saturday, November 11th. In this event, Hanyang University plans to carry out Kimchi making and packing event along with 150 applicants. Kimchi is delivered to the single elderly family, child breadwinners and recipients of national basic livelihood living in Seongdong-gu, Seoul. For more information, please contact the Office of the Secretariat at 02-2220-2004.

2016-11 29

[Notice]Department of Theater and Film in Collaboration With Korean and International Students

Hanyang University’s Theater and Film Department is putting on a creative musical which is a collaboration between international students from various countries and Korean students. From December 1st, continuing for 4 days, they will perform the musical <Butterfly Dream: 나비, 봄, 꿈-호접춘몽(蝴蝶春夢)> at the Black box Theater at Hanyang University Olympic Gymnasium in Seongdong-gu, Seoul. The theatrical performance is about a fantastic journey that is based on Chinese myths and legends. This story begins with a girl, who often dreams of escaping reality, being pulled into a curious world along with butterflies. The cast consists of around 20 people from countries including Korea, China, New Caledonia and Guatemala. In addition, choreography based on Chinese traditional dancing, setting and lighting to create the world of fantasy, and a video using chromakey shooting techniques makes this performance to life. Professor Kwon Yong, dean of Department of Theater and Film, said “This performance is the result of a new creation of the Department of Theater and Film, a special curriculum called ‘Global Workshop’, which collaborates international students with Korean students.” He added, “Based on this performance, we will continue to put more effort on globalization of culture and arts.” For more information, call 02-2220-0789. ▲ poster ▲leaflet (front) ▲leaflet (back)