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11/29/2016 HYU News > Notice


Department of Theater and Film in Collaboration With Korean and International Students

In ‘Butterfly Dream’ from December 1st-4th with international students from Guatemala


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Hanyang University’s Theater and Film Department is putting on a creative musical which is a collaboration between international students from various countries and Korean students. From December 1st, continuing for 4 days, they will perform the musical <Butterfly Dream: 나비, 봄, 꿈-호접춘몽(蝴蝶春夢)> at the Black box Theater at Hanyang University Olympic Gymnasium in Seongdong-gu, Seoul. The theatrical performance is about a fantastic journey that is based on Chinese myths and legends. This story begins with a girl, who often dreams of escaping reality, being pulled into a curious world along with butterflies.

The cast consists of around 20 people from countries including Korea, China, New Caledonia and Guatemala. In addition, choreography based on Chinese traditional dancing, setting and lighting to create the world of fantasy, and a video using chromakey shooting techniques makes this performance to life. Professor Kwon Yong, dean of Department of Theater and Film, said “This performance is the result of a new creation of the Department of Theater and Film, a special curriculum called ‘Global Workshop’, which collaborates international students with Korean students.” He added, “Based on this performance, we will continue to put more effort on globalization of culture and arts.” For more information, call 02-2220-0789.
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