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04/23/2018 HYU News > Event


The University Museum Opens 'Hanyang Museum Academy' under the Theme of 'Seoul'

Prof. Seo Hyun, Han Dong-su, An Gi-hyon, and many others will participate as experts of architecture from various fields


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In order to raise the literary culture of the school members and the citizens of Seoul, Hanyang University Museum will run the Hanyang Museum Academy nine times this year, every Thursday at 2:00 pm from April 12 to June 7.

The first Hanyang Museum Academy of the 1st semester of 2018 is being held with the theme of "Seoulite, how much do you know about Seoul? – reading Seoul through architecture." It starts with the question of how much we know about Seoul, and then guides visitors to understand the city of Seoul through architecture.

The Hanyang Museum Academy special lectures will be featured as follows: Prof. Seo Hyun of the Department of Architecture (April 12), Chung Boot-Sem, curatorial researcher in Seoul (April 19), Kim So-Yeon, writer (author of Architects of Old Seoul) (April 26), Yeo Hwan-jin, CEO of Tribico (May 3), Prof. Han Dong-soo of the Department of Architecture (May 10), Research Prof. Jeon Woo-yong of the East Asian Culture Research Institute (May 17), Hwang Doo-jin, head of an architectural firm (May 24), and Prof. An Gi-hyun of the Department of Architecture (May 31).

In these lectures, you will see how the city of Seoul was formed during the modern era, learn how the people's dreams and desires changed Seoul, and then chase the story of the architects who made Seoul as we know it today. Additionally, visitors will take a walk along the streets of Myeong-dong while hearing its stories being told by Yeo Hwan-jin, the CEO of Tribico and a collector of modern postcards.

Applications for registration can be completed on the homepage of Hanyang University Museum (, and admission is free. For detailed inquiries, please contact the Hanyang Museum (02-2220-1394).

▼ Schedule and program
No. Date Theme Imstructor
1 Apr 12 Where does Cheonggyecheon flow? Seo Hyun
(Department of Architecture
at Hanyang)
2 Apr 19 Look over Seoul
- From the map of Old Seoul
in late Joseon dynasty
to an aerial view in Japnese colonial era
Jung Boot-sem
(Curatorial researcher in Seoul)
3 Apr 26 Architects of Ancient Seoul Kim So-yeon 
4 May 3 Story about Myeongdong by teacher Mo-bo Yeo Hwan-jin
(CEO of Tribico)
5 May 10 Walk to Myeongdong with teacher Mo-bo Yeo Hwan-jin
(CEO of Tribico)
6 May 17 Seoul and Beijing, cities in East Asia Han Dong-soo
(Department of Architecture
at Hanyang)
7 May 24 East Seoul Jeon Woo-yong
(East Asian Culture Research
Institute at Hanyang)
8 May 31 Architecture as rainbow rice cake Hwang Doo-jin
(Head of an architectural firm)
9 June 7 Mongdang 夢堂 (Dream)
- Dreaming house in Seoul
An Gi-hyun
(Department of Architecture
at Hanyang)

Hanyang Museum Academy poster of "Seoulite, how much do you know about Seoul? - reading Seoul through its architecture"

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