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06/15/2018 HYU News > Event


Hanyang University and Jilin University Open a Business Competition

About 40 people participated, including an on-campus entrepreneurship club and Chinese students


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Hanyang University's Startup Support Foundation, led by Yoo Hyun-oh, the director and a professor of the Division of Industrial Convergence, recently held the Hackerton Chinese competition in which Korean and Chinese university students collaborate to experience a series of start-up programs from team building to business planning.

The Korea-China Entrepreneurship Competition was hosted by Hanyang University Startup Support Foundatio, Hanyang University Confucius Institute, and Jilin University in China as part of an autonomous program for the start-up leading university support project funded by the Small Venture Business Division. About 40 people participated in the contest, including Jilin Grand Founding Club, Hanyang University Start-up Club, and Chinese students studying at Hanyang University. The participating teams strenthen their ideas through basic literacy training and close mentoring, and each team was given 5 minutes to present their pitch.

The Grand Prize winner of the competition was the team Eoleun-i, which presented a healthy food offering with customized cooking and delivery systems. In addition, ideas such as a customer-designed apparel shopping mall, a customized breakfast delivery and sharing platform for Korean and Chinese recipes, an individualized personal color diagnosis app service, and a smart calling service for the elderly were all submitted for awards.

Choi Yoon-hyung (Master of Business Administration, '18) who won the Grand Prize said, "It was a great opportunity for us to realize that Chinese students are tremendously passionate about entrepreneurship,” and added “If another opportunity is given, we would like to develop the awarded items with the team members.”

Professor Yoo Hyun-oh (head of the Startup Support Foundation) said, "I expect the contestants to have a sense of duty to bringing out innovative items that will change the world through collaboration, and this foundation will give them full support.”
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