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10/31/2016 HYU News > Event Important News


2016 Drone Makerton Camp

Three-day race with passion


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Drone, which are flying robots, have a great potential to be utilized in fields such as agriculture, rescue, delivery, police activities and many others. To attract more attention in developing drones, Hanyang University (HYU)'s LINC foundation, Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT), Creative Korea, Seongdong-gu, and Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity (KOFAC) jointly sponsored the 2016 Drone Makerton, which is the 2nd contest of the 2016 Start-up Ton Ton Ton Festival.

From Learning Basics to Demonstrating

The 2016 Drone Makerton was held from October 28th to 30th at Seoul Forest. The 70 participants were of diverse backgrounds, ranging from HYU students to anyone interested in drone-making or drone-related businesses. The contest, which lasted for three days, had three big parts to it- learning the basics of drones, working on making drones within teams, and demonstrating drones that were made. Participants could either register for the contest in pre-arranged teams or meet new members to form a team on the first day. There were a lot of participants who never had experience or only had a basic knowledge of drones, but they were all able to make drones with the help of mentors who had professional insight.
Participants were grouped in teams to make a drone.

The contest also provided several mini-classes throughout the days so participants could learn about drone hardware and software, and how to utilize 3D printers and CNC. By utilizing 3D printers and materials provided, teams could freely try out new challenges with their drones. “I had never made drones before the contest, but our team got great help from mentors by asking questions and receiving advice,” said a member of the team 'Hun, Won, Yu, and San'.

Drones with Different Purposes

When the News H team visited the Drone Makerton site on its last day, the 10 teams were busy preparing their final presentations. All 10 teams explained about how they planned to use their drones for different purposes and uses. While there was a team that made a military drone equipped with guns, there was also a team with a drone to rescue people at disasterous scenes by automatically sensing the existence of people with an equipped camera.
10 teams each did a presentation to explain briefly about features of their drones.

When all the presentations of 10 teams ended, they moved to the Seoul Forest Square to prepare for the demonstration of their drones. Each team had two missions. One concerned all of them, but the other was different according to the purposes of the drones. Mission 1 was to fly the drones to fly to four designated spots that differed in height. They key was to do it as fast as possible while keeping the balance of the drone stable. The safety and creativity of the drones were also reflected in the scores to pick a winning team. As most drone pilots there were inexperienced, there was a net curtain to prevent possible injuries. Also, each had two chances to complete their missions successfully.
A pilot is practicing to complete Mission 1.
Team 'Cheese Rush' is holding their drone.

The team 'Cheese Rush' won first place by displaying fast yet balanced flight in both missions. They developed a drone specifically made to be used in Korean national parks. They attached the mascot of the national parks- a bear on top of their drone. “We designed the drone to give safety kits or directions to people who are visiting national parks,” said the pilot, Lee Sang-jun. Lee was a 2nd year high school student, who was among the youngest participants while being most experienced with drones. “I have been making drones for about a year now. This contest was very enjoyable as I could meet people with the same interests as mine, giving me a chance to cooperate with them,” said Lee.

One Step Further in Making Better Drones
Many participants unanimously mentioned that the Drone Makerthon was a great experience for them to make drones in a limited span of time by cooperating with other people. The Drone Makerton gave motivation to a lot of partakers to continue making drones even after the contest.

Yun Ji-hyun
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