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02/20/2017 HYU News > Event Important News


2017 Graduation Ceremony at HYU

Graduating class of 2017- the start of a new beginning


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Before spring approaches, Hanyang University (HYU) students from Seoul and ERICA Campus are getting ready to take a big step outside of Hanyang. In Seoul Campus, total number of students who graduated were 2644, and that of the ERICA Campus were 1688. The 2017 winter graduation ceremony was held at the ERICA Campus on 15th February, and at the Seoul Campus on 16th and 17th.

Goodbye Hanyang

On the first day of this year's first graduation ceremony, there were a lot of soon-to-be-graduates of HYU along with their family members and friends in front of Aejeemun (Hanyang Station Exit #2) and the Administration Building. Even before the graduation ceremony started, students were taking pictures, celebrating their last day at school.
Students pose for pictures with their mates.

At 10:30 a.m., graduation ceremonies were held in different colleges, including the College of Engineering, Music, Economics and Finance, and several others. Among all the other colleges in the Seoul Campus, the number of graduates were the highest in the College of Engineering. To accommodate a rough figure of 1100 students, their ceremony was held in the Olympic Gymnasium.
On the way to the Olympic Gymnasium, Seoul Campus, there were many witty banners hung around school, congratulating friends.
The Olympic Gymnasium was filled with graduates from the College of Engineering.

Grand ceremony held on the both campuses
At the ERICA Campus, the graduation ceremony of the College of Engineering Sciences was held in the Conference Hall. The lobby was full of graduates and their friends and families. There were juniors from clubs who came along to celebrate the seniors’ graduation. “It's sad to think that I can't see them anymore on campus. We will definitely miss them while we do our club activities,” said Cho Su-min (English Language & Culture, ERICA, 4th year).

As the ceremony officially began, graduates all sat in the front row, wearing a blue gown and a graduation cap. Parents, relatives, friends, anyone who came to celebrate students' graduation set at the back. The ceremony began with an opening speech, soon followed by a message given by the President of HYU, Lee Young-moo.
President Lee is delivering a speech at the Student Union, ERICA Campus.
President Lee first sent greetings to all the people who participated in the ceremony and left advice to graduates who will now head into the wider world. “I want to thank all the professors and parents who have supported students to come all this way to graduation. I am also greatly proud of graduates who endured years of studying. I hope students remain passionate, practice the school motto "Love In Deed", and live their own lives, not that of others."

After the words of encouragement, there were award ceremonies on the both campuses, to students with high GPAs and those who set an example, allowing Hanyang's name to shine. “I don't think I deserve this award but I'm glad I got it. My average GPA was 3.75. I tried to not miss class often, which I think allowed me to get this award,” said Yu Hyung-Jae (Composition, ’17). Kim Hun (Architecture, '17), said, “I was taken aback in receiving such a big award. I think that the two years of work as a president of the HYU Chinese students association was taken as a noteworthy achievement."
Lee is handing the diploma to a graduating student.

After years of being a student

After all the ceremonies and the official events ended, more graduates appeared available for interviews. “Among all the years, I remember that sense of isolation I felt when I had just transferred to a new department. It was rough to adjust to the new classes and to get along with new people,” said Jung Yi-jun (Economics and Finance, ’17). Byun Hee-su (Electronic Engineering, '17), added, “I feel much relieved that I am finally graduating and moving on to start a new career outside of school. I am currently working on getting a job and will be concentrating on that."

Professor Park Jong-won (Journalism & Mass Communication) said students whom he remembers better are those who didn't actually study very hard. “Not being committed to one's studies isn't necessarily a bad thing. I believe that the students who don't take studying seriously are those who pursue what they truly like. I hope students could form a wider perspective, without being too confined to the rituals of studying.”
Byun Hee-su and her family takes a picture after the ceremony with bright smiles on their faces.
Parents of graduates seemed proud to see their child finally graduate.
The university graduation of sons and daughters must stand as a big event in the parents' lives, too.

After taking hundreds of photos, students gradually left the school campus. Now being official graduates of HYU, News H sincerely encourages all graduates to realize their potential in society to the full.
Graduates throw their graduation caps high in the air.

Yun Ji-hyun
Photos by Moon Hana, Kim Youn-soo, Yun Ji-hyun
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