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03/02/2017 HYU News > Event Important News


The 78th Matriculation Ceremony

Welcoming the freshmen of 2017


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On the morning of February 27th, the freshmen and their parents gathered at the Olympic Gymnasium in the HYU Seoul Campus to partake in the 78th Hanyang University matriculation ceremony. Freshmen of 2017 gathered together to take their first steps as university students by attending the ceremony- “Made by Freshmen”.
The 78th matriculation ceremony of Hanyang University took place at Olympic Gymnasium on February 27th.
Before the entrance ceremony, Hanyang University recruited freshmen for two acts: “Hanyang Dance Leader” and “Hanyang Matriculation Ceremony Organizer.”

  • Hanyang Dance Leader
From January to the day before the ceremony, 15 freshmen from various departments practiced dance moves for 4 hours every day, including the weekend. Their performance was directed by Kim Sae-hwan, a dance trainer of Cube Entertainment, including professors from the Department of Dance. Four songs were performed- a ballet dance and three K-Pop songs.
The Hanyang Dance Leader team, practicing for the performance.

Kim Hyun-ji (Department of Theater and Film)
“I am lucky to be a part of Hanyang Dance Leader. I learned how to dance professionally through this program and met new friends from other departments. It was also a great pleasure to meet some Cube Entertainment artists too. I hope that those who see my performance will get to know my bright side!”
Kim Hyun-ji (Department of Theater and Film)

Kang Hee-won (Department of Electrical and Bioengineering)
“I am excited and afraid at the same time to be standing on stage in front of many students, my parents, and professors. I will devote all my energy to performing successfully! I also want to thank my dance team members at Hanyang Dance Leader because we became great friends. Even though I may not be good enough, please enjoy our dance!”
Kang Hee-won (Department of Electrical and Bioengineering)

Jung Ui-joon (Division of International Studies)
“Hello, everyone! I am the center and the face of this Hanyang Dance Leader. (Laughs) I always wanted to become an entertainer so I jumped at the chance when the opportunity came up. Hanyang Dance Leader taught me what real dancing is. The best part during practice was when I saw Hyun-A from Cube Entertainment. She was so beautiful… It was amazing. We will burn the stage with our passion, so please pay attention!”
Jung Ui-joon (Division of International Studies)
"I have a medicated patch on my neck because it hurts when I do fierce dance moves."

Choi Jae-hyuk (Professor of the Department of Dance)
“I thank all these students even though it has been a tough month full of sweat and tears. It's totally fine if they make mistakes onstage. I just want them to have cheery memories that they'll remember throughout their life.”
Choi Jae-hyuk (Professor at the Department of Dance)
"Making memories is the most crucial part of this project."

  • Hanyang Matriculation Ceremony Organizer
There also were 17 freshmen behind the stage who made a project proposal to outline and organize the matriculation ceremony. Since January, they met three times a week, from 1:00-9:00 PM, to discuss, plan, and evaluate their outline. The theme was 'Baby Lion', deriving from the Hanyangian mascot HY-Lion.
The Hanyang Matriculation Ceremony Organizer team are discussing in a meeting to finalize their plans. 

“During the month of organizing the ceremony, we all enjoyed becoming friends with each other, getting to know Professor Joo Ji-hee, and learning how to intrinsically and officially organize an event. Even though not every part of our plan became part of the ceremony, we are still proud that freshmen like us could lead such a big event.”

Joo Ji-hee (Professor at Department of Theater and Film, director of the team)
“It was such a wonderful experience for me to lead this passionate team of freshmen. As major players of the school, these freshmen have shown their love for Hanyang and their excitement to be a part of Hanyang. I believe that if they treasure this pure attitude, they will always be successful wherever they go.”

The 78th Entrance Ceremony
At 9:30 AM on 27th February, the ceremony officially began with alumnus Kim Myung-kun (Department of Voice, ‘14)'s lesson- teaching the school song to freshmen.
Pianist on the left, Kim Myung-kun (Department of Voice, '14) on the right.

“Congratulations to all freshmen of 2017. I wish all the best for you, and I hope that Hanyang University will lead you onto the international stage where you can make Koreans proud. Just as it is written in the school song, continuoulsy devote yourselves to your future.”

The next session was an academically inspiring lecture given by professor of the Department of Business and a representative at Monaissance, Kang Shin-jang.
Professor of Business and a representative at Monaissance, Kang Shin-jang.

“Do you know what 77177 means? It means that I was accepted to Hanyang University in 1977, you became freshmen in 2017, and I’m given 7 minutes to lecture.” (Laughs)
“Steve Jobs once said that he was standing on the crosspoint of technology and humanity, because technology cannot satisfy the human heart. A quote from a poem by the Korean poet, Ko Un, goes: ‘I saw that flower coming down the hill. One that I hadn’t, coming up the hill.’ Concentrate on humans in the future that you create. Concentrate on little things like flowers. Congratulations.”

Next, Hanyang University’s president Lee Young-moo gave an inspiring speech to encourage the new students and lead them onto their academic path.
President Lee Young-moo is giving a speech to freshmen. 

“The two most important points to underscore are volunteering and the 4th Industrial Revolution. In this technological era, we can use our knowledge and technology to volunteer and bring love and help to others. The 4th Industrial Revolution is close at hand. In 2021 - when you graduate - there will be even grander changes. Adapt your paths for the future.”

Another priceless corner prepared by the ceremony was the “Moving Story Speech”. A freshman from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Choi Hye-min talked about her volunteering experience at high school. She has successfully fundraised and donated 150 million won to help out the victims of the 2015 Nepal earthquake incident.
Choi Hye-min (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
"My life motto is: 'Everyone in this world should be happy'."

“My high school and a Nepali school had set up a sisterhood agreement. We have shared precious memories together with our Nepali friends. When I heard that an earthquake occurred in Nepal, I suddenly thought of my friends and searched for ways to help them out. As a representative for high school students, I stood at the 300 Round Table Debate hosted by the Chungnam Office of Education and successfully persuaded them to donate.”
“Whether it's volunteering or studying, or even drinking and hanging out, I want to do my best.”

After a few more speeches, the Hanyang Entrance Ceremony Organizer team and the Hanyang Dance Leader team introduced themselves and showed off their hard work built up during the past few months.
Hanyang Dance Leader team performing on the stage.
The Hanyang Dance Leader team.
The Hanyang Matriculation Ceremony Organizer team.
Just like the theme of the 78th matriculation ceremony, the two groups of freshmen lit it up.

The president of the Hanyang Alumni Association, Yang Won-chan, also relieved the parents of their worries. “300,000 Hanyang University alumni root for this year’s freshmen. Dear parents, thank you for your 18 years of support for your children. Entrust them to their school seniors and to Hanyang!”
Professor Ko Sung-hyun and his students perform to congratulate the freshmen of their matriculation.

Professor Ko Sung-hyun and a quartet composed of his students also delivered a beautiful performance to welcome the freshmen.

  • Aspirations of Freshmen
Mo Ah-ri (Department of Traditional Korean Music)

“Because it took me one extra year to come to Hanyang University, I am extremely happy and proud to be here. I hope my college life will be as wonderful as I expect it to be.”
Kim Jun-hyuk (Department of Computer Engineering)

“Thanks to all who prepared such a wonderful ceremony. I'll be studying hard and enjoying my university life.”
A group of freshmen from the Department of Applied Art.

  • Parents’ Words of Encouragement
Father of Kim Jun-hyuk (Department of Computer Engineering)

“My dear child, I am immensely proud of you, now that you've officially become a student of Hanyang University. As I am standing here at the ceremony, I cannot be happier. Don't give up, even when hardships come at you, and overcome any problem with wisdom as you have always done. Stay healthy and happy.”
Parents of Sohn Jong-beom (Department of Theater and Film).

Father of Sohn Jong-beom (Department of Theater and Film)
“Dear son, I wish you all the best for a brighter future. Enjoy your time at university, and live a life that will always remind you of how lucky you are to be born in this world. I hope that the four years at Hanyang will make your life brighter, free, and glittered with happiness. I love you!”

Kim Ju-hyun
Photos by Moon Hana
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