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01/31/2018 HYU News > Event


The Hanyang Career Development Center

If you’re not a part of it, you are missing out


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In the relentless battle for employement, students of Hanyang can take some comfort in knowing that there is a group of people devoted to supporting their cause. Asking for no price in return, employees at the Hanyang Career Development Center dedicate their time and energy to provide various education, counseling, and information that students may need during their journey to begin a career. To express gratitude and to update information about the center, News H interviewed Shin Yong-zin who is a manager of the  Hanyang Institute for Talent Development and Career Development Center.

The Hanyang Career Development Center is most busy during summer and winter breaks.

Challenge Again

Marking its third consecutive opening, the initial education process for the “Challenge Again” program, hosted by the Career Development Center, was held on the 24th of this January. The Challenge Again program is an employment counseling and support system that works in a manner similar to that of school clubs, dubbing it with a more familiar name, the “Employment Club.” Shin explained that the most crucial characteristic of the Challenge Again program that differentiates it from other employment programs previously held in Hanyang, or any other school, is that the target subjects for this program are graduates. “This program is for imminent graduates, as well as students who had graduated within three years. It started last summer, and has received extremely positive feedback.” Shin continued to explain that most graduates lack an infrastructure that supports their extensive employment. “They have nowhere to rely on other than expensive institutions in places like Gangnam.” The Career Development Center aimed to support these graduates, and so far, they have been quite successful.
As of January 22nd, the applications for the program is over for this semester. The member who have received their initial education on the 24th will participate in a diagnostic consulting, where professionals will talk about the student’s career plan, aptitude, employment status, and so on. Based on the analysis of the counseling, students will be formed into groups, where each group will then be assigned an application manager from a major company or a professional consultant as a mentor. The program will last for the next 6 months, with regular counseling held 8 times throughout the schedule. In detail, the group activities and consulting will revolve around three main pillars; analysis of companies and profession, assembling and reviewing self-introduction documents for application, and demonstrative job interviews. The overall process will be more intense in sense of manner and content, as the subjects are graduates whose employment are of great urgency. The program is also free of charge, giving the program yet another advantage for those seeking to take part of it.

The inital education for the Challenge Again program took place on the 24th.

A major supporter of Hanyang
For students still in their years of studying, you do not need to feel left out. The Challenge Again program is one of the three major programs that host students of Hanyang, and the other two programs are open for all students to take advantage of. One of these programs is the Hanyang Job School. The Job School program consists of employment education as well as a group camping activity, where experts in the field of career counseling, job application, and company human resources are recruited to provide a realistic interview environment. Regardless of what stage of career pursuit that each student is currently in, this program gives them an edge on what corporations and the society realistically look for in an applicant. Shin also added that there is extensive support for this program by the school, and that employment rates of participants had once even marked up to 80%.
The other major program hosted by the Career Development Center is the Competitive Career Roadmap Exhibition. While the other two programs are targeted towards students in their 3rd to 4th grade, and even graduate status, the Career Roadmap competition is held for younger students. It provides them a chance to create a roadmap regarding the field, career, and company that a student wishes to pursue. Shin emphasized that this program is not just held to create a professional roadmap but roadmaps of student’s lives concerning their life goals and plans.

A demonstration job interview conducted by the Job School program.
(Photo courtesy of Career Development Center)

A Mecca for Hanyang employment
Other than the three major programs introduced, the Hanyang Career Development Center has various programs and systems in place to support students’ career pursuits. Any student can sign up for career counseling or an application document review online. The Career Development Center also provides a list of applicable internship programs that students can easily access. Furthermore, the center provides career aptitude tests and education for the National Competency Standard Exam.
Shin also expressed ambition when he talked about a new system that the center was devising, which he introduced as the “Open Online Recruitment.” According to Shin, most students focus too much on getting employed at major conglomerates that they overlook smaller-scale companies that provide benefits that are just as good. Some of these companies have constant openings, which was a crack of opportunity that Shin hoped to take advantage of. The new program will allow students to upload promotional content about themselves in a designated system, and a number of selected companies will freely access these contents and contact students for job openings. Although construction for this system is still underway, Shin has high hopes that it could further help students.

“I wish more students would visit and take advantage of the Career Development Center. Our school is the only one in the country that has a lounge dedicated to employment, yet it is not used as much as we hope.” Shin ambitiously projected that he plans to make the center a Mecca for employment. He desired nothing more but for students to benefit from the great facilities within Hanyang.

Lee Changhyun
Photos by Kang Cho-hyun
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