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12/11/2017 HYU News > Event


Share Your Warmth Through Marketplace

2017 HY Global Market


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Christmas carols are already playing and the Salvation Army’s bells are ringing in the streets. Holiday season is coming and it is warming up people’s hearts as well. Volunteers and donations are increasing, and ‘HY Global Market’ in Hanyang University, last Monday, was also one of the ways to give a hand to the community.
Hanyangsians are taking a look at the items sold in the market.

On an extraordinarily cold Monday morning recording -6.1℃, a number of students from WE-HY (Women in Engineering at Hanyang Center) supporters and engineering international student body was setting up the flea market in front of the Engineering Building 1. Newly established this year, WE-HY center aims to provide adequate programs and support for female students in engineering to get a head start into the world. The HY Global Market is one of the events organized by the center and planned out by the supporters. “We were worried that there might not be many donations made because people have to look for what they don’t use, clean it, and carry it all the way to school,” smiled Jung Yewon (Chemical Engineering, 2nd year), a member of the WE-HY supporters. Despite the concerns, there were more than 300 items listed on the market that day. “We spent more than half a day sorting the donated goods. We are so grateful for all the donors,” said Jung.
Left: Jung Yewon (Chemical Engineering, 2nd year), right: Choi A-jung (Electronic Engineering, 2nd year).
"We never knew such events in school take so much time and effort. Still, We want to participate more in other events, too."
A passerby is taking a look at the items.

People were peeking around the marketplace even before the official opening, which was at 11 am. Most of the products were second-hand from the dolls and clothes section, but many were new from cosmetics and accessories. One of the specialties of HY Global Market was that all of the accessories were hand-made by one of the supporters, Choi A-jung (Electronic Engineering, 2nd year). String-bracelets were also made by the organizers, stitch by stitch.
All of the accessories in the market were hand made by the orginazers. The red tag means they are 5,000won each.
Most items were sold at a very affordable price. One student who bought some makeup mentioned "the itmes were so cheap, and the fact that my money is donated to a good cause made me feel really good."

Another specialty was that the products were sold at an unbelievable price. For example, a brand-new hand lotion was sold at 1,000won, and a 100% cashmere muffler was sold at 20,000won. When asked who donated the most, Kim Sung-ha (WE-HY center, researcher) answered “the executive president donated a lot. The mufflers that sold out within the first five minutes of the opening were also donated by the president.”
Bila and a student from WE-HY supporters are making dalgona. A dalgona was given to people who purchased anything in the market.
Just like the traditional way, every dalgona was stamped with a shape. If one manages to break the candy without hurting the shape, they are given a pair of 'night time socks'.
'Night time socks' are also part of a Korean culture where we heat the floor. The socks are made of soft and cozy cloth that warms up your feet when sleeping. The board on the right explains the string bracelets: they are hand-made by students and sold for 1,000won. It also mentions that all profits have been donated.

The WE-HY center hosts lots of events such as ‘gender sensibility episode contest’ or ‘female engineer seminar’, but HY Global Market is the first one to engage international students. Recruited by friends, acquaintances and official posters, international students also had a lot of fun preparing and carrying out this event. Bila (Chemistry, 2nd year), making and tasting the Korean traditional candy dalgona, mentioned: “I expect people to engage in some more charity work through this flea market.”
Mohd Khairil Rajaie Mohd Khairon (Electric Engineering, 3rd year) is posing infront of the dolls, some of which he donated. 
The market was crowded with students and passersby trying to purchase items at a good price.

Because the organizers are composed of international students and domestic female students, all of the profit earned in the flea market will be donated to the Women Migrants Human Rights Center after the semester is over. The flea market raised 700,000won this year. Choi mentioned, “as I major in engineering, there is not much chance for me to organize events and host them. I think WE-HY supporter is a place where imaginations come true. I wish more students interested in such issues can participate in the supporters’ activity,” smiling. To discover more about WE-HY, click HERE.

Kim So-yun
Photos by Choi Min-ju
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