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12/27/2017 HYU News > Event


Achievements Beyond Border

A party to celebrate the foreign members of Hanyang


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For international students studying in Korea, the end-of-the-year and new-years period could be somewhat depressing. As these moments are usually spent with families, some homesickness and nostalgia is quite understandable. To cater to these members of Hanyang, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) has hosted an end-of-the-year party to celebrate the past year and appreciate the foreign members of our school.

The festivities
The event, officially advertised as the 2017 Year-end Party, was held in the Grace Hall of our Alumni Building on December 19. It started off with a huge buffet, catering to nearly 170 participants of the party. For well over an hour, students enjoyed a wide array of delicious trays. Foreign students as well as faculty members of the OIA gathered around assigned seats and spent time, much like families at dinner tables, sharing stories and laughing, while eating great food.
The party really began to kick off after the meal with a long array of recreational activities prepared by the OIA and the Global Saranghandae. The Global Saranghandae is the official international ambassador of Hanyang, marking this year as the 8th year of their activities. Members of the Global Saranghandae not only took part in preparing for the event, they also hosted the majority of the program, with each host speaking Korean, English, and Chinese to better facilitate the event. Games such as rock-paper-scissors, guessing the name of a song, and dancing activities were held to grasp the audiences’ attention and bring liveliness to the hall.
Kang Yuni, the senior manager at the OIA was enthusiastically applauded by the audience after her speech, illustrating how devoted she had been to the foreign students of Hanyang.

A congratulatory speech was given by the senior manager of the International Admissions Department, Kang Yuni. She took her time to congratulate the graduating members of the foreign students and wished them good fortune in their future journeys. After the speech, there was a cake cutting ceremony by the graduating members to celebrate their achievements together.
After the formalities of the event, a long list of performances continued through the night. The performances were prepared by foreign students as well as our global ambassadors. There were carol singing, traditional dancing, traditional Korean music, modern dancing, and so on. There were also raffles and prize giving games between the performances, keeping the audiences focused and thoroughly entertained. At the end of the party, raffles were picked by each faculty member of the OIA, congratulating students who received a prize.

The wide variety of performances well captured the value of the event: embracing cultural diveristy.

The stories of the participants

“Fun” and “meaningful” were the two most common words that foreign students used to describe their feelings at the end of the event. After a round of interviews with some of the participants, it was clear that the party was a big success.
Von Chan (Division of International Studies, ‘13), “I really like the event. The fondest memory that I have of Hanyang was the group MT that I went to with international students during my first year of school. They have all graduated now, so they couldn’t attend today, but I still keep in touch with them.”

Ahmed Mansoor (Department of Medicine, ‘11), graduating after five and a half years from Hanyang, answered that he could not choose a specific memorable moment here, as he had so much fun every semester. “There were wonderful events every semester, and I enjoyed it so much here. I will miss Korea forever.”

Omar Javaid (Department of Civil Engineering, ‘14) “It was a very good event. Especially because our friends from Pakistan could be with us here. It was very kind of the office to notify us of events like this. Especially for the graduating students, as this is their last moments here, this type of celebration will definitely be a special memory for them.”

In addition to the students, the faculty members of the OIA also expressed great approval for the party. They felt extremely proud to see foreign students voluntarily signing up and performing on stage and were moved by their passion. They also wanted to express the deepest gratitude and congratulations to the students graduating this year. One room for improvement that they discovered this year was the difficulty in full participation. As there were more people than expected, people at the back of the room found it difficult to take part in raffle events and games. The OIA promised for an improved event in the coming year. For foreign students looking to take part in the year-end party for 2018, the event will be advertised on the OIA website as well as individual e-mails to foreign students. Those wishing to attend can do so by purchasing a ticket from the department office of the OIA, located on the second floor of the International Department Building. Graduating students can receive a ticket for free.

Lee Chang-hyun
Photos by Lee Jin-myung
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