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09/25/2016 HYU News > Policy Important News


MOU Agreement with

“The Global E-Commerce Talent Program”


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“The New Hanyang 2020” is a vision for Hanyang University (hereafter HYU) through the year 2020. It includes a several strategic planning processes which should be achieved progressively over the few years. The vision encompasses HYU's grand ambition to greatly extend our reach beyond national borders and produce global leaders who are highly competitive on the world stage. To achieve this goal, the school has joined hands with various international firms and established institutions such as Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC) to further promote diverse collaborations. Recently, HYU’s ERICA Campus has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with, a Chinese business-to-business (B2B) online-trading platform company. The event is considered a great opportunity for students to gain valuable experiences with China's largest e-commerce company.


A Cooperative Program


The ERICA Campus became the first Korean university to sign an MOU with, the world’s largest B2B trading platform for small businesses. The event took place on August 29th. The MOU primarily focuses on promoting global distributive research to increase the business employment rate for the students. The core of the agreement, “Global E-Commerce Talent Program,” was led by ERICA Campus LINC, which will help strengthen employment abilities of students and faculty. To understand more about it, the Internet Hanyang News (IHN) went to the scene of the MOU agreement and interviewed Manager Lee Kang-pyo of ERICA Campus LINC.  

▲ is a Chinese online-trading website for small businesses. 

“This event laid a foundation for future cooperation with,” said Lee. “Initiating the education program will be the first step, and it will naturally lead to the expansion of employment and business startup opportunities for students, with’s support.” For the ’Global E-Commerce Talent Program’, HYU’s ERICA Campus will provide space for the program to operate conveniently, and will send certified instructors to educate the students. Lee explained, “The program will start in the middle of this semester for about two weeks. We believe that it will be a great time for students to learn about business sales and e-commerce. More information regarding the program will be notified through the ERICA Campus’ website.”  


Students who participate in the program will be awarded a certificate of education which will be an advantage in getting employed at Golden Supplier, a certified firm by Also, the Chinese firm will assist HYU in hosting business startups and research competition. The winners will win a plane ticket to the headquarters of Alibaba Group in Hangzhou, China and receive an honorary certificate from the executive board members. These opportunities will lead to an opening of jobs for students involved in the program.


The Key to Cooperation  

▲Manager Lee Kang-pyo 

After the signing of MOU between HYU and, a networking event among MOU participating businesses and took place. About 300 students and business owners attended the event that effectively built a community among the business, participating students, and The main purpose of the networking event was to answerquestions regarding e-commerce and’s support for HYU. The International General Director of, Zhang Jun, attended the event to clarify the goals of the firm. He said, “ is cooperating with many other universities outside of China. However, since it is the first time for us to work with a Korean university, we are very excited to support and prolong the relationship with HYU.”  


Students of HYU should take into account that the school is willing to support the students for successful employment. The global mentality of the school encourages students to actively participate in these programs to become global leaders and experts. The cooperation with will be the groundwork for more interactions with other firms and institutions around the world.  

▲The event will be an opportunity for HYU students to gain experiences in the field of business.

Park Min-young

Photo by Kim Youn-soo

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