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11/07/2016 HYU News > Policy


Entrance Exam for Foreign Applicants

One step closer to attending Hanyang University


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Hanyang University (HYU) is the first Korean university to have started international admissions in 2007. To be considered an international student, both parents of the applicant must have non-Korean citizenships. May and October, the exam takes place every May and October, in HYU's Seoul campus and in China: Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The entrance test consists of two parts, which consist of document evaluation and an essay examination. This year, 432 applicants have applied for the exam. 358 of them will be taking the test in Seoul, 49 in Beijing, and 25 in Shanghai.

Documentation Review
In the first stage of document screening, HYU requires an application form, official high school transcripts and a graduation certificate, a personal statement and written study plan, passport copies of the applicant and of both parents. Departments that do not require entrance exams (Music, Dance, Physical Education, Art, Design), portfolios or media CDs including at least two personal pieces of work are required. In addition, English language proficiency test scores such as TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS can be submitted. Applicants for the Division of International Studies (DIS) must meet the English language requirement of the TOEFL iBT score of 89 and higher, or the IELTS score of 6.5 and higher.
Applicants are carefully reading the guidelines for the essay question.
(Photo courtesy of HYU Admissions Office)

Since attending to HYU entails taking courses in Korean, proficiency in Korean is critical. If they do not meet the standards of level 4 or higher in TOPIK for the Seoul Campus and level 3 or higher for the ERICA Campus, the applicants would be required to take extra Korean language courses before they could start with their regular course studies at HYU. As for DIS applicants, TOPIK is not required. If the applicant proves their Korean language proficiency with required levels attained, Korean language courses are not compulsory.

Essay Examination
Once the applicant has proven eligibility through documentation, they gain the chance to take the essay type test. Considering that the applicants are from diverse parts of the world, the questions are asked in many different languages and the answers can be written in their native language as well. The questions are basically asked in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian. As for the answers, Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Mongolian, Arabic and Vietnamese can be used. As for other languages that aren't mentioned, if the demands for its use are high, the answers could be also written in that language as well.
Applicants can choose the language for their essay.
(Photo courtesy of HYU Admissions Office)

Most essay questions asked were from numerous fields of study, such as ethics, economics to global issues. Past questions included: “The effect of Chinese economy on the world economy”, “Definition of success” and “Problems and solutions of refugee issues”. Applicants are required to be informed about such issues and state their opinions in an organized manner. The essay score would be considered along with their high school grades in the admission process.

Kim Seung-jun
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