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2018-05 09

[Policy]Hanyang University Sets Out to Secure Tourists in Coal Mining Villages during Off-season

The ERICA campus of Hanyang University recently concluded an industry-academia cooperation agreement with Samtan Art Mine (representative Sohn Hwa-soon) for securing off-season tourists in coal mining villages. Samtan Art Mine is an art and culture complex made from abandoned mines in Jeongseon coal mines in Gangwondo. They are also famous as a filming location in the popular drama Descendents of the Sun starting actress Song Hye-Kyo and actor Song Jung-Ki. Samtan Art Mine was looking for a novel idea to solve the problem of "securing low-demand tourists," which is a constant issue of companies in Gangwondo. Thus, ERICA campus of Hanyang University, which is famous for activating Problem Based Learning (PBL), joined the project. Through this agreement, Samtan Art Mine aims to generate profits and revitalize the local economy, and ERICA campus at Hanyang University expects students to improve their problem solving abilities. In accordance with the agreement, Samtan Art Mine provides support for the cost of classes, support for on-the-job training during the vacation, and ERICA campus of Hanyang University adopts the strategy of securing low-demand customers as a class task for one semester. The institution has also promised to operate the "Critical Quality Attributes (CQA)" that is necessary for the provision. Students will present the results of their work at Gangwondo and Hanyang University ERICA campus in May and June, respectively, and all rights to the results will be owned by Samtan Art Mine. Professor Jeon Sang-gil, who has a leading position in instructing PBL classes, said, "The PBL class is a good way to raise problem solving abilities in the problem solving process. I expect a lot of exchanges." he said. Sohn said, " Through the cooperation with the ERICA campus of Hanyang University, I would like to clearly mark the identity established by Samtan Art Mine for many years and share the results with residents of Jeongseon area, Gangwondo, and ERICA campus of Hanyang University”.

2018-05 03

[Policy]Hanyang University Established a Training Course for Nuclear Dismantling Specialists

Hanyang University will establish a training course for nuclear dismantling, as well as decontamination and waste management technology, at the Graduate School of Nuclear Engineering from September of this year. Their goal is to train experts on dismantling nuclear power plants. Nuclear dismantling technology is becoming increasingly popular in the world, but there are not many experts in Korea. The new process will be developed to nurture talented people with backgrounds in fusion and complex management in the field of decontamination and waste management, which is a core element of the nuclear dismantling industry. Nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering undergraduate degree holders are welcome to apply. The selected students will receive scholarships to train in energy manpower projects conducted by the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning, as well as various educational programs such as academic theory education and research, on-site training, and overseas dismantling field trips. The application period will be held from May 3rd to 10th, and the interviews will be conducted on the 26th. Details can be found on the homepage of the Graduate School of Hanyang University (

2017-04 11

[Policy]Hanyang Trains Global Information Experts

Hanyang University will establish the Global Intelligence Department, the first of its kind among Korean universities, this coming September. With what some refer to as the “information war”, this department aims to train information specialists to have an accurate and scientific analysis mindset amid the flood of information that overflows domestically and from overseas. Professor Kim Yu-eun, from the Graduate School of International Studies, has been appointed as the first Dean. Hanyang University has developed a specialized major in the field of information analysis by providing premium global intelligence education program and benchmarking leading international intelligence academic degree courses at institutions such as Johns Hopkins University.Based on the latest theories and case studies of information analysis, this specialized department is expected to cultivate experts by providing them with effective education. Graduates are expected to enter into fields such as the National Intelligence Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense and other governmental agencies that require information analysis. Kim Yu-eun, Dean of the department, said, "We established this department to train global information analysts." He added, "It will be helpful not only for students who need systematic learning about information analysis but also for those working in the field of national and corporate information sector." Application period is from May 8th to 22nd at Uwayapply ( Detailed information can be found on the homepage of the Graduate School of Hanyang University (

2017-02 28

[Policy]Hanyang will become ‘Unlosable Smart Campus’, never lost, always found

Hanyang University will be the first ‘Unlosable Smart Campus’ in Korea since March. A smart device that prevents the loss of items ‘Wichi’ (photo) will be provided free of charge to all freshmen students at Seoul Campus in 2017. Wichi looks similar to that of a car remote control, and it is composed of only one button so that it can be attached to any items such as a smart phone, bag, and laptop that are likely to be easily lost. It works through the Bluetooth function. If an item is lost, the smartphone application, designed to generate sound and light from the device, will be activated so that the item can be easily found. If the item is at a long distance (10 meters or more), it displays the last place where the item was placed on the map on smartphones. Wichi is a device developed by Hanyang University in cooperation with Wooyang Corporation, a subsidiary company of a technology holdings company established by Hanyang University. Wichi is particularly effective in preventing the loss of smartphones. This is because the device was designed that an alarm goes on when the button is pressed even at an silent mode in order to find where the smartphone is. An official at Hanyang University said, “Wichi will help students solve concerns of losing their items in libraries and classes’. Hanyang University recently announced that it has already passed the performance test done on a sample of students and gotten satisfactory results. Kim Jin-hong, the representative of Wooyang Corporation, said, "We will improve the functions after receiving feedbacks from freshmen for one year. If the satisfaction of Seoul campus students is high enough, we will expand the service to ERICA campus in the future. " ▲ Smart Device ‘Wichi’

2016-10 17

[Policy]Hanyang supports future leaders in natural science and engineering in Vietnam

▲From left are Hanyang University President Lee Young-moo, People's Committee Chairman Ngo Hoang Nam, and Chief of Yongsan-gu office Sung Jang-hyun. Hanyang University’s President Lee Young-moo taking steps to support fostering Vietnam’s human resources in natural science and engineering. The university will conclude a trilateral organization agreement on scholarship and education cooperation on Seoul campus along with the Yongsan-gu office of Seoul and Binh Dinh Province of Vietnam on the 13th. According to the agreement, the university will provide an exemption of tuition fees to Vietnamese students from Binh Dinh Province applying for Graduate School programs in natural science and engineering for the first two years and reduce their tuition fees by 50 percent after that period. In addition, as stated in the MOU, the University will jointly establish and manage a Korea-Vietnam fellowship. This is to ensure a lasting commitment to provide students in Vietnam access to scholarships and opportunities to study in Korea. The fellowship program is anticipated to launch at the end of November or at the beginning of December. President Lee Young-moo said, “Since 2014, Hanyang’s Volunteer Corps has been engaged in various volunteer activities in Vietnam. I am delighted that such connections has led to yet another valuable collaborative project to foster Vietnam’s future leaders in science and engineering. I hope this new project will continue to serve as a cornerstone of a dynamic partnership between Korea and Vietnam.”