Hello and Welcome to
Hanyang University

As the Engine of Korea, Hanyang's core value of 'Creativity and Service’
produces innovation that will make our university globally recognized.

Hanyang will build on our legacy as a major driving force behind South Korea’s miraculous development. Driving our successes beyond national borders, we are aiming to fulfill our centennial goal of being among the most impactful research universities in the world.

Hanyang University opened as an aspiring engineering institute in 1939 with the founding principles: “Application of Knowledge” and “Love in Deed.” Based on this tradition of pursuing innovation and service to society, Hanyang has secured its position as one of the nation’s top ranking institutions.

From its earliest days, Hanyang has been committed to prepare graduates to be influential leaders in their communities. We take great pride in our community of alumni who have helped us earn our reputation as “the Engine of Korea.” As South Korea was rebuilding the entire nation from the ashes of war, our graduates have since been highly instrumental in laying the foundations to shape Korea to be the prosperous, modern nation it is today.

Such unparalleled transformation was the outcome of harnessing our collective knowledge and compassion as a country. I am a witness of this miraculous development that South Koreans have achieved together during my lifetime, and I am elated to see more results of the collective synergies that like-minded people around the world can achieve together.

We plan to extend the scope of our education, research, community involvement and partnerships to every corner of the world. In order to strengthen our capacity to contribute to the world, the pursuit of excellence and creative inquiry are at the heart of all that we do. So whether you are a potential student, a parent, a donor or a member of the community, I invite you to consider what contributions you can make with Hanyang. Join us in our journey to make a difference in our world.

Young Moo Lee
President, Hanyang University
Lee Young-moo