• Selected as WE-UP project (that aims to promote female talent in engineering) by the Ministry of Education
  • Selected for five research studies within ‘2016 Samsung Future Technology Training Project’


  • Received 1.84 million won as government funded projects (3rd largest amount in the nation)
  • Awarded Grand Prize in Industry-University Cooperation sector in ‘2015 Excellence in Education Awarded’
  • Acquired International Education Quality Assurance System (IEQAS) by Ministry of Education (ever since 2011)
  • Achieved top grade by the Ministry of Education for Higher Education Institutions (both Seoul & ERICA campuses)
  • Acquired international certification for the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB)


Received 6 awards for major government funded projects in 2014
  • University for Creative Korea (CK) project, established 9 business units, 7.6 billion won in funds
  • Received grade highest evaluation by the government for best undergraduate education
  • Only university to be selected in Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC) project for both campuses
  • Selected as one of three universities in the nation as leading contributors to normalization of high school education
  • Selected as host university for small and medium sized enterprises center
  • Selected for Brain Korea Plus (BK21+) project
  • Selected as a ‘Resource Development and Specialization University’ in Stage 2
  • Hanyang’s Center for New Directions in Organic Synthesis was the only Science Research Center (SRC) that was selected for special government funding for leading research projects in 2014
  • Selected as host university for small and medium sized enterprise center
  • Received second largest amount of start-up support funds in 2013


  • Selected for education reinforcement projects in 6 consecutive years
  • Selected as Brain Korea Plus (BK21+) project by ministry of education, established 24 business units in a scale of 10 billion won
  • Selected for Social Sciences·Humanities large scale sector by National Research Foundation of Korea
  • Selected for ‘Human disaster safety technology development project’ by the National Emergency Management Agency
  • Selected as managing institution of Entrepreneurship Academy
  • Selected as the best institution in human resource development
  • Selected as a professional education institute nurturing ‘Equipment Engineers’ by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
  • Selected as ‘2013 Global entrepreneurship education program management supporting business’ by National IT industry promotion agency.
  • Hanyang Asian-Pacific Research Center selected for excellence in Humanities Business Evaluation


Achieved “three sweeps” by being selected in all 3 core business projects led by the Ministry of Education
  • Selected as Advancement of College Education (ACE) project
  • Selected as Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC) project
  • Selected for education reinforcement projects

  • Selected as the center of ‘Creative mobile software engineer nurturing business’
  • Selected as the only institution to lead the ‘2012 Global BRIDGE Project’
  • Selected for excellence in special admissions
  • Selected for ‘University IT research center support’
  • Selected as ‘Convergence Information Technology Research Center(C-ITRC)’