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Korea's Prestigious College of Education: Dreams and Hope For the World and the Future

Hanyang University’s College of Education is concentrating its efforts on cultivating professional teachers to realize 'HYU Project 2010' and training educational experts in the digital era. The College of Education is using an advanced educational curriculum and teaching methods to change the 21st century classroom culture.

Currently, the College of Education has a total of 6 departments and diverse majors to train creative and active teachers and educators. It is also leading internationalization of teachers-in-training by running a variety of internationalization and overseas training programs to prepare them for the future. The college will continue to play a leading role as a qualified teacher training institute by connecting with schools such as Hanyang Elementary School, Hanyang University College of Education-affiliated middle and high schools of Hanyang Academy.
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교육학과 Department info Faculty Curriculum
국어교육과 Department info Faculty Curriculum
영어교육과 Department info Faculty Curriculum
응용미술교육과 Department info Faculty Curriculum
교육공학과 Department info Faculty Curriculum
수학교육과 Department info Faculty Curriculum