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Center stage for young artists’ expressions fueled by passion and creative intelligence

Hanyang University College of Music started as Department of Music within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 1960 by the leading role of Dr. Kim Lyun-jun, a composer and a founder of Hanyang University. In 1964, it was promoted to the College of Music and has played a pivotal role in producing outstanding professional musicians, composers, music theorists and music educators. Educational policies that emphasize practical education are reflected in the curriculum and boast the highest level in ensemble such as orchestra, chorus, opera performance and Korean traditional music.

Three school buildings including the main building, Paiknam Music Hall include concert halls, classrooms, a library, professor offices, audiovisual rooms, electronic music rooms, computer music rooms, recording rooms, and more. There are large and small chamber music practice rooms, private practice rooms, electronic music rooms, computer music rooms and recording rooms. The music library has about 23,000 music books and musical scores and 5,300 or so audiovisual materials. Each performance room and practice room has a grand piano such as Steinway and Bosendorfer, harpsichord, percussion instruments, and various special instruments. In addition, the Music Institute, established in 1983, organizes and supports a variety of academic events that can affect creative and performance areas, with a focus on pure music theory research.