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09/07/2017 Special > Special


Historians of Hanyang and Their New Page of the Book

Heroes of the Department of History


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In the 21st century when the passion for history is decreasing among students due to its utility in employment, there are true historians trying to preserve the value of history at Hanyang University. The heroes are alumni Han Sang-hyeop and Cho Soo-yeon, Ph.D student Lee Seung-ah, and a third year student Jeon Yae-mok. With the passion to learn deeper on history, the four Hanyangians gathered to introduce their career.
Cho has been funded by the South Korean government for her mastery degrees at Canada.

Winners of the KGSP
South Korea has been sponsoring university students from various fields to augment their educational strength. Since the early 2010’s, the government has decided to increase its sponsor on humanities sphere through the KGSP-Korean Government Scholarship program. Two alumni of the Department of History- Han Sang-hyeop and Cho Soo-yeon, have been chosen as the winners to grab tickets abroad for the in-depth studies aborad.

Han’s advancement in China 

Han has received the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the Department of History at Hanyang University. Throughout the 10 years of achievements at Hanyang, Han is now mapping out his career at Tsinghua University for his doctoral degree. “There are several areas you can apply for the KGSP, but I selected  comparative history for my doctoral degree. Luckily enough, I was chosen as the beneficiary of the governmental sponsor, which I owe my gratitude to my professors,” said Han.
More specifically, Han’s comparative history refers to the difference in the Nationality Act between the late Qing Dynasty, Netherlands, and Japan. Through intricate studies and comparison, Han is planning to discover the origin and meanings of the term “People.” “I wish my fellow juniors at the Department of History will feel pride in their major, since history is such a special subject that allows us to reorganize the past with given documents,” emphasized Han.
Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) provides financial support for students studying overseas for intellectual researches. 
(Photo courtesy of KGSP)

Grafting history and education at Canada 

After her graduation this February, Cho decided to achieve her mastery and doctoral degrees on education related to history. “My attention on history concentrated on the cases produced outside of Korea, which influenced my decision to study abroad,” said Cho. However, studying overseas requires substantial burden on financial ability which motivated Cho to apply for the KGSP. “It was a great honor for me to be selected as the only student sponsored by the government heading to Canada,” described Cho.
Cho is currently studying historical education on multi-culturalism and the world citizenship. “While I was full of questions learning history at Hanyang University, I thought that the answer to all the questions was in education which led all the way here to Canada,” mentioned Cho. The most imperative factors to Cho’s success are HY-WEP (Hanyang Work Experience Program) internships, knowing specific field to study, and patience while studying. “Department of History is a great start for sprout historians to grow upon. I recommend all Hanyangians to use all the opportunities that our school is providing!”
Toward the completion of research task by NRF
National Research Foundation of Korea, also known as NRF, has been running the Global Ph.D. Fellowship program that supports students pursuing a Ph.D. degree in a Korean university in order to foster the nation's core human resources. Lee Seung-ah of the Department of History at Hanyang University has been selected as one of the winners of the program despite the intense competition. The task Lee decided to research on is China’s changes of agricultural technology and social disparities in accordance with the global market.
“When I first began my doctoral career and realized that this research needs financial support, I decided to apply for the NRF program for funding. Fortunately, I was drafted for this task and I’m planning for my research presentation on January at Japan,” said Lee. For preparation, Lee picks Hanyang University’s Industry-University Cooperation Foundation’s English interview for the NRF program the most helpful. “Utilizing school’s help is extremely valuable. If students of Hanyang are planning for their research funding, I recommend them to practice continuously with the aid of our school!”
National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) funds various majors of South Korean universities.

Junior of Hanyang toward the brighter future

Jeon in his junior year at the Department of History has recently received 100 Years Humanities Scholarship by Korea Student Aid Foundation. Currently studying in his intensive major courses, Jeon has revealed his ardor for history. “I began learning history to understand humans. Deeper I study the past of humans and their events, I start to grasp why different kinds of human beings with various actions are around me,” explained Jeon.
Jeon also expressed the special gratitude for his parents and professors. “I was grateful that my parents were proud of me. Also, without the great teachings of my professors, I would never be able to take this scholarship,” said Jeon. For the farther college education and beyond learnings, Jeon is excited to step ahead for deeper lessons at Hanyang. 

Kim Ju-hyun
Photos by Lee Jae-oh
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