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02/12/2018 Special > Special


Changing Events for Freshmen

For a better college freshmen life


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The freshmen of 2018 only have a few weeks left until they begin a brand new chapter in their university life. Before becoming an actual university student, various freshman events are usually prepared for a better, more comfortable start. Student council members from all departments thoroughly prepare for the best event, as it is the first encounter between the new students and Hanyang University (HYU). However, various controversies have been arising and have required alteration.

Before-semester programs for freshmen

Commonly at HYU, there are two events prepared for freshmen. Commonly known as ‘Mi-teo’ and ‘Sae-teo’, freshmen have the chance to meet their seniors and friends. Mi-teo and sae-teo are usually the first event that freshmen face while they are awaiting the start of school. These events are not official but still take up a lot of a freshmen’s school life. They can not only meet their friends and seniors, but they can also receive information that helps them proceed in their school life. However, there is also a dark side to these events.

Various divisions accommodate in various places.
(Photo courtesy of HYU Division of International Studies)

There have been constant issues at this time of year regarding sae-teo. Various incidents related to safety or sexual harassment have happened each year, and quite a lot of people have made opinions on these alterations. Currently in HYU, The student councils from all departments have been making new measures for better safety each year, hoping for improvement through frequent meetings. The Seoul Campus has started their first sae-teo with the College of Business on the 11th. However, a lot of discussion had taken place in order to make this year’s events happen.

At the start of this year, the Ministry of Education announced that all 4-year-universities must “proceed the orientation in the school, only for a day without any accommodations.” This announcement was hard-pushed mentioning that each division’s budget can be reduced when proceeding with the sae-teo before March, as freshmen aren’t official students of HYU before then. As a lot of people were sensitive to safety issues, HYU could not ignore the announcement that came down from the Ministry of Education.

Different programs have been made to allow freshmen to settle into school.
(Photo courtesy of HYU Division of International Studies)

A change needed in the long-run

The presidents from all departments had extremely frequent meetings within the division and between other departments, as they had already been proceeding with these events. On the official Facebook page of HYU's emergency planning committee, a statement was uploaded explaining the difficulties of having to cancel all events that had been planned. After a number of meetings, the president of HYU allowed the planned events to proceed with a couple of divisions, cancelling or delaying the sae-teo.

It is inevitable for the school to take a careful stance since the overall responsibility for student safety is on the school. As many students have to go out of school to accommodate their events in another area, the possibilities for accidents increases. Moreover, as alcohol is included in the midst of these events, even more accidents can occur. The various, so-called, ‘cultures’ of universities are one of the people’s most worrisome problems, such as talent shows and the forcing of one to drink. All divisions and departments of HYU are, therefore, eliminating these talent shows and are making extra education programs regarding alcohol and sexual harassment issues. While they might not be perfect, they are, indeed, trying their best.

More consideration is needed for freshmen events. (Photo courtesy of Hanyang University)

It is obvious that students should be safe no matter what. Issues regarding budgets and in-school orientations are again a problem that needs to be dealt with in the near future. A radical change is not something that gives the best result. A long-term solution and plan needs to be considered by both the school and the students, as they feel the problems surrounding them. The culture is already gradually changing. It is time to gradually speed up this procedure so that these freshmen events can still remain--with its strength emphasized to its best.

On Jung-yun
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