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03/20/2018 Special > Special


[Click&Zoom-in] Time Flows Specially in the Hanyang Museum

Time traveling on campus


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"Why am I pleased suddenly, as I say what is done cannot be undone? As it is, it has its own meaning. Old memories are beautiful as the world says." These are part of the lyrics of "Past," sung by Yoo Jae-ha on his first album Because I Love You. If the past that passed away is powerful, it means its value continues to the present. Leaving a single album, singer Yoo Jae-ha passed away at the age of 26. An exhibition titled "With you forever, Yoo Jae-ha" memorializes the late Yoo Jae-ha (Department of Composition, '81) as a genius composer on his 30th anniversary of this death, and is being held at the Hanyang University Museum.

Written by: Choi Mi-rae(student reporter) / Photo by. Ahn Hong-bum

▲ Landscape of the Hanyang University Museum

Time traveling on campus

When entering the lobby in the Hanyang University Museum, a calm atmosphere that washes off heat from the campus covers the eyes and ears. On the right side of the lobby, you can see an exhibition for Yoo Jae-ha which opened first in early November last year. The exhibition is largely divided into Yoo Jae-ha's life and the music heritage he left behind. Hwang Na-young, an academic researcher in the museum administrative team, said, "While an exhibition is being shown, music should be heard. I was concerned about how the audience could listen to a lot of music in the exhibition space." She also said, "We also focused on how we could show the vitality of Yoo Jae-ha's music which is so beloved, although he left only one album." In collaboration with this exhibition, "Eco of Sounds," "A Tree Grown by Sounds," and "Gae-bae-jam," Hanyang University music clubs, held busking performances with his songs and showed his musicality with was beyond the times. When Yoo Jae-ha's songs resonated within the voices of the young performers, the campus held the fragrance of the 1980s for a brief moment.

In this way, the museum has provided various opportunities to allow visitors a glimpse of the past. The museum, which opened with research and excavation in 1979, will celebrate the 40th anniversary of its opening in 2019. In the five-story building, the first floor is of research in the liberal arts, and the second floor has a seminar room. Visitors can visit special exhibitions on the 3rd floor, and permanent exhibits on the 4th and 5th floors. The special exhibition is held twice a year, normally with a relatively large one in the first half and a small one in the second half. Besides these exhibitions, graduation showcases of students are sometimes held. This Yoo Jae-ha exhibition is a small theme exhibition, highlighting a famous Hanyangian. Theme exhibitions that feature people was on the third floor and it exhibited famous figures including Park Mok-wol, a poet who has served as a professor of Hanyang until now, and Dr. Lee Man-young who produced the first computer in Korea 

▲ The third installment of Hanyang's people, an exhibition "With you forever, Yoo Jae-ha" memorializes the late Yoo Jae-ha (Department of Composition, '81) for his 30th anniversary, highlighting his life and works. You can see the guitar and piano he used and the LPs he collected. A section was prepared where you can listen to pop songs and other songs sung by him for his brother.

▲ On the 4th floor of the museum, there is a traditional art room. You can appreciate beautiful Korean pottery from Goryeo Celadon to Buncheong Ceramics and White Porcelain.

Preparation for the future of the old ones

At the museum, we are making efforts to improve the facilities for safe storage of relic monuments and the convenience of visitors. In the first half of 2017, the constant temperature and humidity controller of the storage room was replaced. Hanyang University Museum is recognized as an excellent institution among university museums. On the 2nd floor, the seminar room, which is a departure point for campus tours targeting high school students, was transformed with the sponsorship of a graduate named Gang Sung-Hui (Department of History, '75). The old outer wall, the museum cafe, and the benches are scheduled to be completely repaired in January. The lighting and showcases of the exhibition spaces are also scheduled to be improved according to recent trends. The permanent exhibition spaces on the 4th and 5th floors will be transformed considerably, aligning with the 80th anniversary of the opening in 2019.

At the museum, we do various things besides the obvious exhibition preparation. Excavation of remains such as from Hanam I-sung Mountain Fortress, Hwaseong Dang Castle, and Seoul Amsa-dong are also important. It is also not easy to manage the excavated relics. Since all the artifacts uncovered from the earth are owned by the state, the artifacts stored under the consignment from the National Central Museum and Cultural Heritage Administration undergo periodic inspections every year. A project which is has recently begun is a collection database conversion project which is support by national funding. It is necessary to check the artifacts and update the data of all the collections are 30,000 in total.
▲ The new seminar room in Hanyang Museum

A treasure trove worth sharing with others

The museum is an institution in the school, but there are also more external visitors than we might realize. There are also educational programs such as a variety of special theme exhibitions and campus tours and career experience programs held in cooperation with the Seongdong Gwangjin Office of Education. In 2018, cultural courses for adults are being prepared. About eight courses will be prepared for each semester. Registered students can also apply for them. Besides these activities, since 2017, we have operated an internship program for students in collaboration with various departments. Through this program, students can learn about museum management and experience exhibition planning directly.

Hwang Na-young, an academic researcher, said, "It is a pity that some students miss the opportunities offered by the museum," and "The Hanyang museum is in a good position, which is cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and has a rest area on the 4th floor. I'd like you to come and visit here to use it in comfort." The Hanyang University Museum plays a role as a cultural institution of the local community and plans to show a variety of programs in the future.

▲ Museum Family: from left, Cho Nam-cheol, museum director; Choi Hyo-young·Park Hee-ju·Hwang Na-young·Jang Myung-sun, academic researchers.

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