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02/20/2017 Special > Special


[TRAVEL] Take Two: Gwangju

Uncovering beautiful sites in Korea


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Especially famous for its diverse types of food, Gwangju is a city worth being visited by anyone. This article covers some of the famous places within Gwangju that will dazzle its wayfarers. News H paid a real visit to capture its beauty and relish in its ambience firsthand.

[1913 Songjeong Market]
Located in front of the KTX station, this market is one of the most accessible places to visit. The market opened with the construction of Songjeong Train Station, and its entrance sign proudly boasts its year of completion- 1913.
While keeping the traditionality within the market, it has been remodeled to attract the younger generation to the markets, creating a trendy and tidy place to go shopping. On the pavements, in front of every store, the year of the store's grand opening is engraved, which gives the site an increased sense of heritage.
1913 Songjeong Market connects the past with the present.

[Penguin Village]
Famous for its wall paintings, Penguin Village is possibly one of the most artistic villages in Korea. Although the place is not big in scale, a lot of art figures and paintings decorate the whole village making it a hot spot for photographers.
It was once an abandoned village only inhabited by the elderly. The way the inhabitants walked resembled that of penguins, which is why the village was named in such a way. The people who lived in the village started decorating the place with pieces of junk- it developing into a form of art, people started to pique interest in the Penguin Village.
Penguin Village is one of the most artistic and picturesque villages in Korea.

Tours with different themes are offered by the village, as well.
[5.18 Memorial Park]
On May 18, 1980, Gwangju and the Jeolla Province held massive democratic demonstrations against the new military regime, leading a coup to topple the government at the time. Countless citizens, including students and the elderly, were injured or killed during the incident, as orders to massacre civilians came from the then-government and President. The Memorial Park was created in Gwangju in order to commemorate and atone those who fought for democracy and justice.
The park consists of a 5.18 reference room, auditorium, statues, fountain squares and other convenience facilities. People visit the park to commemorate the victims or simply take a peaceful stroll along its paths.
The Memorial Park is appreciated by the many, reminding them of the 5.18 tragedy.

Maintained by Gwangju Metropolitan City, Gwangju's tourism website provides tour schedules and optimal routes for visitors. It would be a great idea to plan a visit to the city in all its tranquility as a short trip before the new semester begins.
Click here for the website

Kim Seung-jun
Photos by Kim Seung-jun
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