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07/12/2017 Special > Special


Black Enjoyment Given From Nature

Boryeong Mud Festival


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Splashes of mud are thrown back and forth with loud screams and laughter. People become unrecognizable with mud. Boryeong-si is hosting Boryeong Mud Festival, the largest foreigner-participating festival in Korea, starting this 21st until the 30th. The combination of mud and festival is indeed unfamiliar to a lot of foreigners. However, this feature with generally not-so-clean perception has some unique characteristics.
A picture of people enjoying the mud festival. (Photo courtesy of


Tomatoes in Europe, mud in Korea

A lot of people have a prejudice that mud is dirty. Contrasted with its appearance, mud is used in various cosmetic products. There is a record on mud that it was used in Cleopatra’s make-up and in Chinese cosmetics since the ancient times. There are also records that tells mud was used for skin care, also to treat skin diseases. Nowadays, mud is not only used for make-up and skin care, but also for dying clothes and sauna. Mud, contrary to the general belief, has a broad impact on human daily life. The manufactured mud contains various natural minerals that is effective in terms of preventing skin aging. Moreover, mud allows physical therapy as it has abilities to restrain and resist bacteria.

Using these traits of mud, various big and small events involving mud started to emerge in Korea. Along the coastal areas of Southwest Chungcheongnam-do province, fine sea mud rich in minerals is found. The sea mud has abundant amount of Germanium and Bentonite that radiates high level of far-infrared rays making it helpful for skin care. Using this valuable trait of mud, Koreans combined entertainable features and made it a unique festival. Boryeong-si first hosted this festival in 1998 for four days with sixteen programs. Despite the unfamiliar and small scaled festival, 30 million tourists participated, leading to a huge success. Now, Boryeong Mud Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Korea.

The mascots of Boryeong Mud Festival (Photo courtessy of


The biggest mud festival
The 20th Boryeong Mud Festival is being held for ten days this month mainly in Daecheon beach, which is 100m wide and 3.5km long. This shell beach is famous for its moderate water temperature and gentle slopes making it more attractive for a summer vacation spot in the West Sea. Only 30 percent of the day’s sales are available online during June and the rest are sold on-site. Diverse programs are made to allow all tourists to enjoy the mud in various ways. As the festival is held in a large area, tourists can enjoy different zones with interest.

The festival provides numerous programs starting from a giant mud bath and slides, to color mud painting. Tourists can experience the thrills through the slides and fun through bathing in the mud. They can also take unique, memorable pictures in prison-like structures with mud all over their bodies. The programs are made not only to enjoy the mud, but also to enjoy the environment of Boryeong itself. People visiting the festival can also enjoy the Daecheon beach to cool themselves off, and look around numerous busking, parades and stage performances. The festival offers uncountable programs to see, feel and listen to.

Tourists are enjoying the stage performance of Boryong Mud Festival.
(Photo courtessy of

So how can you fully enjoy this festival? Boryeong Mud Festival is a lot different from other festivals since ‘mud’ is involved in almost all activities. As mud is not very easy to wash off, a spare set of clothes would be necessary. Moreover, in order to keep the cash and waterproof cameras, a waterproof bag would be required. Moreover, packing earplugs would make you a sensible person since they will help preventing mud from going in your ears. Beside these notes, just feel free to have fun.

The Mud Festival is an experience one should try at least once in their lifetime. As mud itself is a unique feature, anyone would be able to make unforgettable memories through this helpful substance. Simply with an open heart, anyone would be able to make great friends regardless of age, gender and nationalities.
Make new friends through the festival! (Photo courtessy of

On Jung-yun
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