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09/18/2017 Special > Special


Lounges, Where Are They?

Collection of Lounges in HYU


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Every student of Hanyang University (HYU) might want to pay attention to what this article is about to unfold: the collection of lounges throughout the campus. There seems to be a lot of students who do not know what to do during their not-too-long but not-too-short time between classes. For those who need a place to pass their time before their next class, for those who think cafes are too loud and libraries too suffocating to lock themselves for assignments and studying, and for those who are tired--consider the following options!

Rest & Information
501- Paiknam Library; 701- HIT building

Located on the first floor of the Paiknam Library, the Lee Jong-hun Lounge awaits students with open arms. Accommodating divided spaces for group projects, rows of desktops, mini cinemas, and big open spaces with various shapes of chairs and desks, students are free to use the facilities as they please. DVD CD’s can be rented if a student brings the CD case from the shelf and presents his or her student ID card at the renting desk. Those who need to write a paper could do so on the desktop, and those who want to read could pick out a book from the shelf or even go upstairs and borrow a book and read it in the lounge. Do not miss the piano by the window with headphones waiting for those who want to enjoy music!
Divided spaces and desktops are next to each other.
(Photo courtesy of Paiknam)
Eight mini cinemas and a DVD CD room are next to each other.
(Photo courtesy of Paiknam)
A big, open space with sofas and an undivided table are in one area, with a piano by the window.
(Photo courtesy of Paiknam)

Just behind Paiknam, HIT (Hanyang Institute of Technology) building offers two lounges: HIT Lounge and Yang Min-yong Lounge. Located in the lobby of the HIT building, the Lounge displays innovative products and inventions created by students and others and VR (virtual reality) machines. Students could try the VR device; please make sure to put on the face mask! Taking up some space by the wall are an exhibition of figures made with 3D printers.
Figures made with the 3D printer and the VR experiencing machines are available.
Inventions made by students are displayed.

Moving on, to the left of HIT Lounge, Yang Min-yong Lounge welcomes its visitors. Providing students with spaces to work, either individually, or as a group, the open space with a window-walled lounge gives warmth to the students who come. The inner part of the lounge, divided into the A,B,C,D zones (Action, Bridge, Challenge, and Design, respectively) allows students to have consultation with counselors of various corporations and obtain information about employment.
Different shapes and sizes of tables and chairs are arranged.
ABCD zones are in order.

Alone & Together

212- Engineering Building 1

Going over the hill into the Engineering Building 1, Noh Young-baek Lounge is situated on the first floor of the building. Those working on a group project or looking for a comfortable space to read with their shoes off--this place is ideal. Harboring divided spaces with the tables for multiple people, Noh Young-baek Lounge looks like a perfect place for group projects and discussions. In addition, when not only your mood feels suffocating but also your feet feel the same, give them some break in this lounge. The staired space in the innermost part of the lounge allows students to relax with their shoes off, even lying down if desired. 
Groups of students are studying together, while some others are reading individually with their shoes off.

Art & Technology
208- Fusion Tech Center

Chung Seung-il Arts Space is a space presenting the harmony of art and technology, as its name indicates. Located on the first floor of the Fusion Tech Center, the lounge provides an open space for students to chill out and chat. The sun-embraced space harbors round tables and chairs, parasoled tables, and the individual research room.

The big window creates a warm, bright mood.

Business & Global

706- Business Building; 108- International Building

Next, going to the Business building, there is the Shinhan Lounge on the second floor. Featuring group study rooms, debate rooms, and a reading room, the lounge offers more of a quiet and focused mood for those who need to get down to business with their assignments and study. If there is no space in the Paiknam Library, Shinhan Lounge could be another option. Lastly, entering the International Building, the Global Lounge is the first thing in sight. Fitting to its name, the lounge has a walled-time of various countries, with each time fixed on the spot of the corresponding country. As one big open space, no privacy is guaranteed but students could get together and work on their tasks, either individually or together. Both international and Korean students can be seen in the lounge, using multiple languages. The time-map wall and several different languages make the Global Lounge more global!

The open space of Shinhan Lounge outside the study reading room.
Small and big tables and sofas are in the Global Lounge.

Coming Soon

Yet to be constructed are the Hanyang Startup Town and the Hanyang Theater, each located in front of the HIT building at the back of the Olympic Gymnasium, respectively. Both are currently under construction, which are planned to be finished in October this year. Their names indicate new and different places from the lounges previously mentioned!
See you in October!

If you are wandering around because you do not know where to kill some time, or if you want to take a break before your next class, visit one of these lounges. They are perfect for resting, studying, and working on group projects. What better places are there than lounges when you have an hour or two on campus.

Jeon Chae-yun
Photos by Oh Sang-hoon, Choi Min-ju
Design by O Chae-won
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