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03/05/2017 Special > Special Important News


[LIFESTYLE] Homemade Korean Food

Cook it yourself- CIY!


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Selecting the right ingredients to plating beautifully makes a great cook, but, ordinary people, who live on mere bread and rice as their meals, find it difficult to cook proper food for themselves. Although quite modest compared to fancy dishes served in restaurants, the following are some of the most beloved meals for Koreans. Recipes for gimbap, soybean sprout bulgogi, and royal stir-fried rice cake now follows, so be ready to take notes.

Ingredients: dried seaweed, cucumber, egg, carrot, pickled radish, imitation crab meat, ham, rice, sesame oil, someone to go on a picnic with
Top: Chop up the ingredients evenly.    Bottom: Stir-fry the ingredients.
Top: Roll up the ingredients on the dried seaweed.    Bottom: Cut the gimbap to the size you want.
Enjoy your picnic with gimbap!

Soybean sprout bulgogi (two servings)
Ingredients: soybean sprout, pork loin, spring onion, onion, winter mushroom, sesame leaf, cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, crushed garlic, chili powder, red chili paste, (sesame seed, sesame oil – optional), someone to invite to your place

From top left, clockwise (1-4)
1: Pour in 300g of soybean sprout
2: Chop up the spring onions and onion. Add to the pan
3: Add the winter mushroom according to your taste
4: Cut up 10 sesame leaves and add 400g of pork loin

From left to right (5-6)
5: Mix together cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, crushed garlic, chili powder, red chili paste at a 1:1:1:1:1 ratio and add in ½ tablespoons of crushed garlic and sesame oil
6: Pour the sauce on top and add in sesame seed to your taste
Boil the ingredients on the pan until the meat is well-cooked.


Royal stir-fried rice cake (two servings)
Ingredients: rice cake, beef sirloin, onion, paprika, oyster mushroom, spring onion, sugar, soy sauce, crushed garlic, (sesame seed, sesame oil, pepper – optional), someone to enjoy your food
1 paprika, 400g beef sirloin, 1 spring onion, ½ onion, oyster mushroom as preferred

 From top left, clockwise (1-4)
1: Pour in 100ml water, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and cook the beef
2: Add in 50ml soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of crushed garlic
3: Put 300g rice cake into the pan
4: Throw in the rest of the vegetables

From left to right (5-6)
5: Add some sesame seeds, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil and pepper to your taste
6: Do some plating for your visitor and enjoy the food
These simple steps will turn you into a great cook even without the lavish plating skills or the senses of a professional cook. Preferences differ from person to person, so the recipe can be modified and custom-made according to your own taste. Always remember: confidence in cooking is the first step to becoming an excellent chef. Invite your partner, friends, or family to your home this weekend and let them taste the best homemade Korean food- made by none other than you!

Kim Seung-jun
Photos by Kim Seung-jun
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