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09/25/2016 Special > Special Important News


Hanyang Job Discovery Festival

A worthwhile opportunity to gain job information


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The Job Discovery Festival, an annual job fair held in Hanyang University, took place in the Olympic Gymnasium of HYU’s Seoul campus on September 5th and 6th. On the 5th, 124 companies and 310 human resources managers joined the event, and more came the next day. Korean and international students at Hanyang gathered at the fair to obtain information about companies that they were interested in applying to. This week, the Internet Hanyang News (IHN) reporters visited the Hanyang Job Discovery Festival to attend job Job Consultations Held for Korean and International Students information booths and find out how HYU prepared for the event.

Job Consultations Provided to Hanyang Students

In each booth, job information and consultations were provided for HYU students. Due to the diverse characteristics of each company, different advice was given to the job-seekers. Yu Hyeon-jun of POSCO, a Korean steel corporation, said, “Because there are many corporate bodies of POSCO outside of Korea, global competence would be an important ability in order to be employed here.” Since POSCO is a government-run firm, responsibility, independence and diligence are qualities that are also very significant. “We do not prefer people of specific majors but we do want to recruit people who are interested in gaming and have knowledge of programming. We like people who are persistent and have the experience of delving into one specific area,” said Lim Su-bin of Smilegate, a global entertainment company that prioritizes game development.

▲Students participating in job consultations

Students who participated in the event displayed feelings of nervousness and anticipation. Lee Yong-wu (Architectural Engineering, class of ‘12) said, “I am here because I want to hear what kind of people companies want as their employees, and also to find out the processes of employment.” Lee’s friend, Ha Jae-yun (Architectural Engineering, class of ‘10), commented, “I feel very earnest about getting a job right now.” Son Seung-dong (Industrial Engineering, class of ‘12) said, “I came to check my understanding of one specific vocation I am interested in, which is technology management. I felt that applying for jobs seemed far off, but now here it is.”

Booths for Foreign Students

Near the entrance of the gymnasium, job information booths for foreign students were arranged. Seven companies, including Lotte and KOTRA, were present. Deputy Yeo So-yeong of Lotte said that, “Lotte recruits foreigners from Vietnam, Thailand, India, China and Japan twice a year. This is because those are the countries where we have affiliates.” According to Paik Chung-hun from Kyungdong Navien, a company famous for its boilers, many foreign job-seekers are interested in the sales, management and marketing of the company. “Responsible people are suited to work at the sales department, and departments of management and marketing require people who have practical business skills.” Kim Eun-ju of KOTRA explained, “International students can work as a bridge between foreign employees and Koreans. That is why that Korean communication skills and the understanding of Korean culture are prerequisites for getting hired.”

▲Job information booths for international students were also present at the festival, marked by orange flags.

Quite a few international students could be seen near job booths for foreigners. Dana Staca (Tourism, class of ‘15), an international student from Romania, said. “I participated in this event because I am planning to get a job in Korea next year. I came to Korea because I studied Korean before [back in Romania] and I thought it would be a good chance to get a job here.” Ferdinand Koranling, (Biomedical Engineering, class of 13), a student from Ghana, said, “This is my final year at Hanyang, so I came to find which options I have in terms of jobs. The companies I am interested in are medical and transport companies.” Koranling became interested in Korea because of its technology and that recently, there have been a lot of partnerships between Korea and Ghana.

Hanyang’s Preparation for the Fair

Shin yong-zin of Hanyang’s Career Development Center explained that this year’s event focused on liaising companies that students of Hanyang would prefer most. “We tried to enhance the festival’s quality by increasing the number of participating companies. There are more students who joined the event compared to last year, and it could be seen that they were very enthusiastic about finding employment,” said Shin. The participants of the event were private for-profit companies. Big corporations such as Samsung and LG were the main participants of the event. However, there were other corporations as well, such as Binggrae, a food business, and Juvis, a diet consulting enterprise.

Shin explained about how HYU prepared
for the event, one of which was providing
the mobile website of the festival.
(Click to be directed to the mobile website.)

Shin explained how the school prepared for the event. “First of all, HYU made a mobile website for students to search the companies of their interest easily and find the locations of corresponding booths. Booklets on corporations, job interviews, and special qualifications were provided.” There were also additional booths that consulted students on their resumes and interviews. According to Shin, there is no other university other than Hanyang that holds job recruitment information booths for international students. The booths were quite small in size this year, but it is to be expanded in the future so that it would be of more help for foreign students at HYU.

Shin advised, “Not only should students participate in the event, but it is also important for them to prepare in advance by searching up to four or five companies that they want to enter before visiting each booth.” He also mentioned that because there were a lot of Hanyang graduates present at the event, it would have been helpful for students to ask them questions. At the Job Discovery Fair, students may have found what they are lacking and are in need of to succeed in this year’s recruitment season.

Jang Soo-hyun

Photos by Ha-na Moon

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