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01/02/2017 HYU News > Student Important News


Glitters, a Friendly Guide for Foreign Students

Global supporters from the Division of Business Administration


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There are a lot of foreign students around the world who visit and attend Hanyang University (HYU). Due to cultural differences and lack of information about the school system, exchange students may experience difficulties in campus life in Korea. The Division of Business Administration is one of the majors that attracts and admits a large number of foreign students. Therefore, many local students who major in business are likely to take classes with foreign exchange students. Glitters, also referred to as global supporters or ambassadors in the Division of Business Administration, are there to help foreign students by giving them information on Korean culture, corporations, and campus life. This week, News H met one of the members of Glitters, Woo Sung-jun (Business Administration, 3rd yr), to hear about Glitters’ activities.
Woo, as a Glitters member, explained about the organization and its activities.

A budding organization that helps exchange students

“Glitters is a student organization comprised of 10 members, for assisting exchange students’ campus life at HYU and providing info about Korea. Although Glitters was created by the administrative team of the Division of Business Administration, its programs are planned, developed, and carried out by the students,” Woo said. Especially because Glitters was established at the beginning of last year, the members put a lot of effort in creating programs by themselves for international students.
Woo said that members of Glitters had some concerns related to how it should take a first step into the right direction as founding members. However, due to biweekly meetings, conversations and cooperation between members, they could create helpful activities for international students and greatly satisfy those who participated. “Glitters provides various chances for business students to get in touch with the business environment. It can broaden the horizon and network of the students. I believe that student can gain lots of benefits from joining the events that are organized by Glitters,” Kwan Ho Yin, an exchange student from Hong Kong, commented.

Self-made programs for international students

Glitters provides a variety of programs for foreign students that include orientation for international students, 'Nori-ters' (Nori meaning play) during school festival time, ‘Conversation Salons’, and visits to Korean companies. Of all the programs, one of the most successful and popular activities developed by Glitters were two visits to Korean corporations. Woo was the team leader of the two visits. “The two companies that we selected were start-up corporation named Maru 180, visited on November 11th, and a major Korean broadcasting company called JTBC, visited on November 28th.” According to Woo, the choice was due to informing exchange students the concept of start-up corporations that do not exist in foreign countries, and also showing the atmosphere of a rising broadcasting network.
Visits to two Korean corporations, Maru 180 (top) and JTBC (bottom).

After Glitters selected the companies, contacting, making the advertising posters, planning the program schedule, interpretation between the executives and the international students were all taken care of by the members themselves. “The utmost objective of the visits was interaction. Especially after visiting Maru 180, we tried to give prior information to students about the company that we were planning on going to, in order to proceed well with the Q&A and interview sessions that we planned.” According to the executive of Maru 180, there are few occasions where foreign students visit Korean corporations. Glitters provided the very opportunity for international students to experience, feel the atmosphere, and know more about Korean companies.
“About the Conversation Salons, we came up with the form, theme, contents and the questionnaires for communication between exchange students and Koreans. This program intrigued many Korean students because they could have the chance to talk to foreigners,” Woo explained. Glitters started the Conversation Salons with the Samsung batteries issue, but then moved onto more casual topics such as life in Korea. Not only did Glitters organize Conversation Salons and visits to Korean corporations, but they also provided two orientation sessions for foreign students to introduce Korean campus life, global students’ assisted schoolwork and planned Nori-ters, which was also the name of their booth during the school festival that allowed foreign students to experience Korean traditional games and food.
 “We are planning to provide more activities that can meet the needs of international students, to help them adjust well in the Division of Business Administration and know more about Korea and Korean businesses,” Woo said. After every program, Glitters receives feedback from participants and try to reflect their opinions for subsequent programs. “As a Glitters member, working for international students, I feel like I'm fulfilling important values for international friends. I also learned how to understand and care for foreign students. Anyone who is interested in helping exchange students is welcome to join us as a new member of Glitters. English is an important aspect, but it's even more critical to have the knack for instilling in international friends a life value here in Korea, as well as making the most of of working together as a group.” Woo cheerfully added.
Glitters members feel pride in organizing programs and providing information about Korea for international students.

Jang Soo-hyun
Photos by Moon Ha-na
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