For those interested in new outdoor areas on campus to relax and enjoy the scenery, there is now another spot to visit. Hanyang University's Seoul campus has recently completed construction on a quiet space at the rear of the College of Natural Sciences Building, which is dedicated to Mok-Wol PARK. There is a monument inscribed with a poem. Mok-Wol PARK is considered one of Korea's great poets. Together with Ji-Hoon CHO and Doo-Jin PARK, he made his debut as a poet through 'Moon-Jang -A Stylist' in 1939. He used the rhythms of folk songs in his poetry and gained recognition forshort poems. The great poet Ji-Yong JUNG once said, "North Korea may claim the poet So-Wol KIM but here in the South we have the renowned Mok-Wol PARK." The latter is also remembered for his professorship here at Hanyang where he taught Korean Language and Literature at the College of Humanities from 1959 to 1978.

The monument was originally located in a remote area of the campus and as a result, not many knew of its existence. In order to restore respect, the Mok-Wol PARK monument was moved to the area between the 'Han Court' and the College of Humanities. The monument was reportedly forgotten for about 10 years. The university said the decision to relocate the monument was difficult because for one thing, it weighs 12 tons. Ultimately, after careful consideration, the new spot was selected. In respect to Mok-Wol PARK, the location site was decided based upon the fact that he often passed by that site in his walks on campus.

The new spot for the Mok-Wol monument will conveniently provide a new rest area for students. In addition, the university is planning to build a small park around the monument in order to enhance the area as a place of solitude and reverence. So-Hee JUNG (4th year, Korean Language and Literature, College of Humanities) who came to visit the monument said, "The monument at its previous location was practically hidden from the public. I sometimes felt a little sad passing it. But I feel better now that it's been brought out in the open in a place where students can relax and appreciate it more."

The Mok-Wol monument was firstly erected back in 1939 by Dong-Kui PARK, the first son of Mok-Wol PARK, who worked together with writers who cherished the memories of Mok-Wol's poems. The monument appears to be the largest one dedicated to Mok-Wol PARK in the country so far. Prof. Sang-Chun PARK at the College of Humanities was taught by Mok-Wol PARK, and said, "The new placement of the monument was made possible with support from the university as well as students. I hope there is a continuing interest in work of Mok-Wol."

Prof. PARK added, "After completing the construction around the monument, we intend to invite some notable guests to celebrate its relocation. It is important to keep the public abreast of such cultural events, especially since the monument is known to be the largest in the nation for Mok-Wol. There will be an exhibition of illustrated poems by Mok-Wol as well soon."

Mo-Ryun KIM (Student Reporter