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04/15/2019 HYU News > Academics


2019 HEAD Start Program for Potential Artists

Professor Kim Sun-ah (Department of Applied Art Education)


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2019 HEAD Start Program is a project held from March to the end of December to support students who have talent and interest in art but cannot proceed with their education due to financial reasons. The HEAD Lab (Hanyang Education in Art+Design Lab) has been leading the program by providing the participants with a place for education and deploying the necessary human resources. Professor Kim Sun-ah (Department of Applied Art Education) has been in charge of the HEAD Start program since last year, and she is excited for the changes that the program is adopting this year.
Professor Kim Sun-ah (Department of Applied Art Education) is the head of the HEAD Lab, leading the 2019 HEAD Start program. 

According to Kim, this project has been ongoing since 2010. The distinct feature of the 2019 HEAD Start program is that the HEAD Lab receives support from the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, which is good news for participating students as well, since they are now able to receive an official certificate for completing the HEAD Start program.
The program is held every Saturday and consists of  a three hour class for elementary school students, and a four hour class for middle and high school students. “It is so hard to wake up early on Saturdays every week, yet these are determined future artists who persistently come to join our program," said Kim.
What the students wish to express varies according to their age groups. For elementary schoolers, self-expression and the opportunity for communication seem important. As they get older, they want activities that can help them visualize their thoughts and effectively deliver them in a creative manner. Accordingly, the teaching methods and contents of the classes are different for both groups. For example, even if all the students are asked to draw a portrait, the given materials or expressions and teaching methods will be different.
As of this year, there will be outdoor classes, allowing the students to wander around Seongdong district and see for themselves how regional materials can become artistic features. The increase in MOU collaboration with external institutions or local cultural foundations to allow the exhibition of art in local communities will create a valuable experience for the young artists. Also, the number of “highly talented" classes, classes for students desiring deep learning about art, or even a career in an art-related field, has increased from five to seven with the same number of students. The class curriculums will be based on what the students want to work on, by implementing a system called the student development program.
The students enrolled in the HEAD Start program receive art education from around 20 training instructors, some of whom are school teachers with experience in gifted education, on-site designers, writers, and university professors. The mentors, on the other hand, are mostly students from the Department of Applied Art Education and are fixed for a year so that they can steadily look over the students throughout the process.
The aim of the HEAD Start program is to foster future artistic professionals by cultivating interested, passionate individuals with high potential.

Kim's research focuses on social integration, specifically on how art education can contribute to the integration of society, which triggered her to take the role as the head of the HEAD Lab for this project. Her decision to take part in the program was reinforced when she saw the dramatic development in the students' art skills as well as high satisfaction after joining the program, especially since they had not received much private education or financial support before. Kim proudly mentioned that assigning of one mentor per five students in the program has had a positive impact on the social and emotional development of the young participants.
“I am excited for this year’s new and advanced HEAD Start program, and I hope increasing social support allows even more students to receive the art education they want. I am proud to be contributing to a program that supports the growth of future artists.”

Kim Hyun-soo
Photos by Kang Cho-hyun 
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