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11/13/2019 HYU News > Academics > 매거진


[HYU Research] Develops 5G Center into 5G/Unmanned Vehicle Research Development Center

Professor Kim Sun-woo


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* This article is published in 2019 Hanyang Research Magazine Vol.2     

Professor Kim Sun-woo, Electronic Engineering

 Develops 5G Center into 5G/Unmanned Vehicle Research Development Center

As South Korea succeeded in commercializing the world’s first 5G technology in early April, expectations that growth in various fields utilizing the technology are growing. Professor Kim Sun-woo (Department of Electronic Engineering) of Hanyang University is continuing his research to make this expectation a reality at the 5G/Unmanned Vehicle Convergence Technology Research Center which opened on campus in 2017.

Realizing the importance of 5G technology and unmanned vehicles rather early, Hanyang University established the 5G/Unmanned Vehicle Convergence Technology Research Center in the fall of 2017 to foster the development of human resources in the areas of 5G and unmanned vehicles such as self-driving cars and drones with 4.5 billion KRW in subsidies from the Ministry of Science and ICT.

Hanyang University, Seoul National University, Ajou University, and 11 companies including Contela, AM Telecom, Renault Samsung Motors, UVify, Geo Plan, Robowell Korea, InfoWorks, Funzin, Ascen Korea, and Essys will form a consortium to establish a research center. This research center is expected to be operational by 2022.

The research center develops software and hardware through applied mathematics-based research. It requires global competitiveness, high-quality programming skills, and it will last up to six years. Kim said, “As well as building a solid foundation, we are conducting research in conjunction with talented researchers from around the world.”

Research centers are also actively conducting research on unmanned vehicles, including self-driving cars, Smart Cities, Internet of Things, and drones. Professor Kim predicts these will all be developed and used based on 5G technology.

Kim is currently working on the research on 5G technology. In the past, communication technology was used only for communicating or transmitting data, but it will be extended to communication between objects in the future. Therefore, this core technology is the basis for autonomous vehicles, IoT technologies, and drones, that are drawing attention from various unmanned vehicles. “Development of 5G and unmanned vehicle source technology and developing human force are very important nationally,” Kim said. He added, “Hanyang’s research center is playing a big role enhancing the status of the university.”

In addition, he said, “We will continue to cultivate great talents for the rapidly changing telecommunications sector such as 5G and 6G in the future. We are constantly working on distinguished research programs for our students."

Meanwhile, in April, Professor Kim was invited to the ICT Future Talent Forum 2019 held at COEX in Samsungdong. It featured ‘Unmanned vehicle’s cooperative positioning and autonomous driving', 'Drone cluster flight assistance object recognition demonstration', 'CHEM VR LIBRARY', ' Cinematic VR <Confession>', ' ‘Object recognition video', ' Hybrid V2X terminal', and etc.

Professor Kim said, “We were able to exchange research topics and technology trends from each university's ICT research center. The exhibition allowed us to check the research conducted at the center and cultivate the researchers one step further.” 
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