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10/22/2019 HYU News > Admission > 알림


[Notification] Hanyang University Recruits '2019 Hanyang Global IC-PBL Frontier'

Presentation on November 5th (Tue) at 5 PM, Room 210 of HIT of Seoul Campus


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Hanyang University recruits '2019 Hanyang Global IC-PBL Frontier'. A presentation introducing the program will be held in Room 210 of HIT on November 5 at 5 PM. 'Hanyang Global IC-PBL Frontier' is a global research program that students form teams and choose research objectives, plan by themselves, and visit governmental organizations, local governments, research institutes, universities, and companies abroad to solve their questions.

The themes and fields for this program are ▲designated topics (4 teams): 'Ways to realize Hanyang University Social Innovation' and ▲free topics (6 teams): 'Society, Education, Art, Economy, Politics, Sports, Environment, Welfare, Science, Informatization'. It is encouraged to set a creative and innovative topic that fits participants' major field. Those who are willing to participate in this program should be sophomore or junior (except students on a leave of absence and graduate-to-be), and a total of 10 teams (3-4 people for each team, 6 teams for Seoul Campus, 4 teams for ERICA Campus) will be selected.

The document application starts from November 4th to 12th, and the successful applicants will have an interview on November 22nd. When the finalists are announced on November 28th, they will start their projects abroad in January 2020, after finishing some processes including an orientation session in December. After they come back, there will be a debriefing session and awarding ceremony in next April, and an IC-PBL presentation on May 2020. To students who became the finalists, 1,500,000 to 2,500,000 KRW will be given. The supporting funds differ according to the locations.

For more information, please refer to the announcements of the Hanyang website or contact the Office of Student Affairs (02-2220-0084).

▲ 2019 Hanyang Global IC-PBL Frontier Recruiting 

Translation by: Seongchae Lee (
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