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01/06/2020 HYU News > Admission


Seoul campus Admission Acceptance Rate for 2020, recording 4.99:1

Competition rate became slightly lower compared to the previous year... Pre-Medicine records 3.72 to 1. 


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The regular admissions for Hanyang University's Seoul campus for the 2020 school year have been finalized. The final on-time competition rate, which is closed at 6 p.m. on December 31, edged down to 4.99 to 1 compared to last year.

2,254 students applied to 305 positions on the regular admissions (Group ‘Ga’), recording 7.39 to 1 as a competition rate. Also, 2,195 students applied to 587 positions (Group ‘Na’), recording the rate of 3.74 to 1. In total, 4,449 students applied to 892 positions, resulting in a rate of 4.99 to 1. This is a 0.23 decrease from the previous year's 5.22 to 1 competition rate.

In the group ‘Na’(admission category), Mathematics Education recorded 7.86 to 1. In the same group, Urban Planning and Engineering recorded 5.75 to 1, making them the most competitive departments. The competition rate of Pre-Medicine records 3.72 to 1. 

Meanwhile, the final successful candidates of group 'Ga' will be announced on January 13, and the one in the group ‘Na’ of the regular admission is scheduled for February 3.

Global News Team
Translated by Hyejeong Park

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  • stamina.yashwa@gmail.com05/18/2020

    hello. my name is Shanaya yashwa . I'm from Pakistan and I want to study in hanyang university..thnanks