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05/12/2020 HYU News > Admission


Hanyang University Recruiting Graduate School Students for the Department of Entrepreneurship

30 students will be selected for the master's course

Global News Team

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Until the 14th, Hanyang University is recruiting freshmen of graduate school department of entrepreneurship for 2020 Fall semester.  
The master's program for the department of entrepreneurship had been established to develop creativity-integrated leaders with creative thinking skills, entrepreneurship, and global startup capabilities, and to enforce research related to starting a new business.
The curriculum of the department of entrepreneurship is made up of a total of 4 levels of systematic and professional curriculum which are △Entrepreneur capability development △Capturing business chances and developing business plans △Startup business management and △Development and withdrawal.
The faculty are comprised of full-time professors with experience ranging from startup business management, being lead officers of the office of small and medium-sized businesses, being KOSDAQ CEOs, serving on the board of directors of medium-sized businesses, holding doctoral degrees in business, being global consultants, and more. This provides adequate studies for students who aim to experience both practical business and startup-integration studies.
The students of the department of entrepreneurship will be provided with various support through the Hanyang University Startup Support Foundation, such as startup space, mentoring, tax accounting, and legal support. Outstanding students will also receive scholarships.
Hanyang University Startup Support Foundation is operating education, training, and opening global outreach programs to develop startup leaders, as well as creating more than 100 startup businesses every year through supervising programs such as beginning startup packages and pre-startup packages that are being operated from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.
Cho Nam-suk (Graduate School, Department of Entrepreneurship, 3rd year), who developed drones that use solar panels, mentioned that "the advancement of techniques was made possible by real-life startup track curriculum and specified mentoring after entering the graduate school." He also added that he "will continue to reinforce the techniques and business models by using Hanyang University's technology startup specified development program and networks."
Some students decide to enter the school for a more in-depth study of entrepreneurship. Kim Ha-young (Graduate School, Department of Entrepreneurship, 1st year), who analyzed a technology startup case of an alumnus and registered the name as the first author on a paper from the Korean Society of Business Venturing during her undergraduate school years, went through the graduate school startup research track and finished her doctoral degree of entrepreneurship at a university overseas, and is now planning to continue research in a related field.
Professor Ryoo Chang-wan, head professor of the department of entrepreneurship noted that "Hanyang University has been creating remarkable results on developing startup leaders and innovative businesses, based on its practical academics and alumni network." He added that "students that have real-life startup and research experience with entrepreneurship will be able to receive practical help from Hanyang University's systematic startup curriculum, programs, and startup network both inside and outside the country."
A total of 30 students will be selected to participate in the master's degree program, and registration is possible until the 14th (Thursday) on U-Way Apply ( Specifications can be acquired by contacting the Graduate School Department of Entrepreneurship and visiting the website (

Global News Team
Translation by: Lee Won-young
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