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09/03/2020 HYU News > Alumni Important News


[Hanyang Hand-in-Hand] Class of 86 alumni association’s special ‘Hand-in-Hand’ and glowing ‘share’

Planning to give 500,000 won scholarship every month to 16 students for one year (total of 96 million won) (2020 Summer Edition)

Global News Team

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Their special ‘Hand-in-Hand’ and glowing ‘share’
Class of 86' Alumni Association

▲ Class of 86' Alumni Association
(From the left) Park Han-chul (President of the alumni association) / Sung Joo-eun (Secretary General) / Kim Ki-yeon (Vice-president of the alumni association) / Kwon Byung-woon (Director of the Development Fund)

The Class of 86' alumni association is planning to give 500,000 won scholarships every month to 16 students for one year (total of 96 million won). They are linked with an invisible string. By gathering gain with old friends after a long time, they are making meaningful ‘values’ one by one together. The Class of 86 alumni association is acting on behalf of ‘Hanyang’ to share warmth with others. Let me introduce their ‘hand-in-hand’ that is more beautiful as they are together.
Q1. Could you explain on what chance and method the class of 86' alumni association started raising and giving scholarships?

A1. Along with giving financial donations by gathering a little sincerity for neighbors that are living through difficult times, we decided to raise development funds when we were thinking of the ways to contribute to the development of our alma mater. We then decided, after a long debate, on how and where we should use the funds to provide a small help to the students who need to lessen their studying time to earn living expenses as their family circumstances are difficult and to participate in the ‘HY-Lion’ character business venture that the school is promoting right now.

Q2. How does the Class of 86' alumni association exchange and participate? Could you tell us some unique characteristics or something you are proud of?

A2. After the 2016 school admission 30th anniversary homecoming day, the association was established and about 890 members and 150 on-the-spot members are participating as of now. Along with the Presidential Group (1 president, 2 vice-presidents, 2 secretary generals), there are other departments such as the Development Fund Department that will contribute to the growth of the school, the Volunteer Department for social services, and the Central Executives of the Next 50 Department that shares their experiences and knowledge to enrich the second half of their lives. Other than that, there are hobby gatherings (golf, hiking, book and culture, choir, bowling, skiing, photography, etc.) and local gatherings (lsan, Incheon, Gangdong, Seocho, Anyang Wanggwacheon, Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongnam, Daejeon, etc), and annual regular events are mostly proceeded by the central organization. Each hobby and local gatherings have active exchanges from regular or occasional gatherings. Furthermore, the Hanyang 86 band leads a wholesome communication and each Kakao Talk chatrooms are very active. The association’s slogan is ‘Valuable Hanyang 86, Sharing Hanyang 86’. As you can see from the slogan, something we are proud of is that it is not a mere gathering to have fun but pursues meaning, value, and the balance of sharing the joy. In fact, lots of efforts are being made right now. Volunteer works such as Cheongyangni food truck volunteer work, support for alone senior citizens, orphanage volunteer work, and local volunteer work, along with hobby gatherings, and these make the meaning of participating together more special.

▲(Left) Park Han-chul( President of the alumni association) / (Right) Kim Ki-yeon (Vice-president)

Q3. Would you share your thoughts for giving donations to the school juniors and the alma mater that the alumni gathered together?
A3. Starting from the development fundraising at the homecoming day and to the present day, it is a good thing that we can help our juniors in difficulties with small devotions gathered through the automatic transfer of 10,000 won each month. I am proud and happy that with big and small amounts of money, we’ve achieved the results with our united efforts, especially for helping our juniors in hard conditions. Whether it is a financial donation or sharing through volunteer work, it is meaningful in that ‘bigger contributions are possible when we’re together’. It is definitely a path that our seniors have walked on, but it feels like we’ve taken a load off our minds as we proceeded their great tradition together. We hope our juniors who received help when they were facing difficulties can provide help to their juniors or neighbors in the future.
Q4. There are some unfortunate things for spreading the donation culture. There are even some people who have a negative view of donation cultures. What do you think are the insufficiencies of Korea’s donation culture compared to that of the developed nations?

A4. Donation activities are not as easy as one desires or expects. In most societies, there exists a concept of donation as giving large amount of money or as an activity done by a very rich person. Also, there are tendencies to think that donations are done when one reaches a certain economic level. Because of these reasons, I think education on ‘donation’ from a young age is needed for the donation culture to settle healthily and maturely. When we look at the developed nations, there are many cases of children donating things that does not seem much of a help from a young age, such as giving one tuna can or snack box in the food bank and running a fundraising campaign with a small topic. Adults also hold various gatherings with the topic of fundraising. Thus, apart from the amount of money, they have a habit of giving donations together, even if it is of a small amount. I hope this kind of action become well adapted to our donation culture to make positive changes happen.

▲(Left) Sung Joo-eun (Secretary General)/ (Right) Kwon Byung-woon (Director of the Development Fund)

Q5. How do you feel when you look at seniors and juniors that are spreading the name of ‘Hanyang’ by participating in diverse fields?

A5. When I look at many ‘Hanyangians’ that are performing actively in diverse fields, it warms my heart. There is even a sense of an indefinite closeness when I realize that someone I do not know is a ‘Hanyang alumni’, just like when we use terms such as ‘family’ and ‘homeland’. Actually, there are ‘Hanyang alumni’ in our association members that are partners, children, or families. Likewise, the word ‘alumni’ has something that comes first to our hearts before defining its meaning.

Q6. What does ‘Hanyang’ mean to the Class of 86 alumni?

A6. Hanyang seems to be the foundation and the center of life that will be together for a lifetime, more than just a university that we once went to. ‘Hanyang’ is our trace that cannot be erased. We are gathering wisdom and sharing joy by sharing experiences with friends from different majors and trajectories of life. Like how ‘Hanyang’ is the foundation of the alumni association, I want to live my life by sharing the life value with Hanyang 86.

I could feel that being together and sharing is the most ‘valuable’ and precious thing from the Class of 86 alumni association. I sent my big applauds for their ‘values’ they will achieve more in the future.

Written by. Editorial Room, Photo by. Son Cho-won

Global News Team
Translation by: Park Gyeong-min
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