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12/20/2019 HYU News > Alumni


Alumni Lee Hong-gi and Hwang Young-woo received ‘Grand Prize’ by the School of Business Alumni Association

The ‘Businessman’s Night’ award ceremony event was held on the 19th


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The Hanyang University School of Business alumni association is hosting an awards ceremony on the 19th.

The Hanyang University School of Business hosts the School of Business alumni association's ‘Businessman’s Night’ event on December 19th, in commemoration of the 60 year anniversary. The School of Business rewards not only graduates from Hanyang University, but all innovative leaders who have contributed to the growth of domestic industries. At this event, Lee Hong-gi, the CEO of the Goldline Group and Hwang Young-woo, the CEO of On The River, received the businessmen award.

The Goldline Group, which leads the global logistics and equipment industry, is the first company in Korea to win the Ministry of Knowledge Economy’s certification of logistics standard facilities for manufacturing various materials of logistics equipment products. It started its business in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province in 1989 and has now grown into an international company that produces products in 4 Korean cities and exports them to more than 20 countries.

Lee Hong-gi, chairman of the Goldline Group, is also known for leading the Goldline Group and investing in culture. He won the "Korea Art Mecena Award" in 2017 and has provided support for artists by setting up galleries near the headquarters of the Goldline Group. He is also paying keen attention to the sports sector, taking the role as the head of the International Federation of Trade Unions.

In addition, On The River, a corporation that started as a clothing shopping mall, stood out in the online commerce sector by entering as a large department store and being selected as an excellent company in the social commerce sector. It formally established a corporation in 2015 and has continued its big growth the following year by winning the premium brand grand prize chosen by female consumers and selling more than 10 billion won in sales. CEO Hwang Young-woo did not stop here and established ‘Allrego Soft,’ and he provided a solution to automatically manage out of stock products by connecting an automatic image fusion formation program and inventory that various shopping malls besides ‘On the river’ can utilize. He developed the B2B platform and cultivated a large platform that has attracted over 1,400 company memberships.
The Hanyang University School of Business alumni association commented, “We always reward the Business grand award through the Hanyang University School of Business alumni association each year, but this year’s business grand award is more meaningful in that it is the 60 years anniversary of the School of Business.” They expressed their enthusiasm to present an exemplary business model and excavate excellent businessmen who graduated from the Hanyang University School of Business.

Global News Team
Translation by: Kim Hyun-soo
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