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To establish a sound online culture, some postings can be deleted without prior notice in following cases:
  - contents that can damage someone’s reputation with the purpose of defaming a person
  - contents that violate the public order and morals (abusive language, vulgar expression, etc.)
  - contents that can be associated with a criminal act
  - contents that can infringe upon third party’s copyright or other rights
  - information that does not conform to the nature of the service (commercial advertising, repetitive text, etc.)
  - in case of violating other related laws and regulations

A person who illegally uses the resident registration number of another person may be sentenced up to three years in prison or fined 10 million won by Article 37-10 of the Resident Registration Act .
In addition, based on Article 71-3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, a person who forged or leaked personal information of others may be subject to imprisonment for up to five years or a fine of 50 million won or less. The writer is legally responsible for the posted article.

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