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2018-04 17

[Media Briefing][Korea Times] Ex-deputy Finance Minister Named as Korea Investment Corp’s CEO

Choi Hee-nam, Hanyang University alumni (Division of Economics) an executive director of the International Monetary Fund and former South Korean deputy finance minister, was appointed as chief executive officer of the Korea Investment Corporation (KIC) on March 28. After majoring in economics at Hanyang University, he took master’s degree in business administration at Hanyang as well. A Korean executive board member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is expected to lead the nation's sovereign wealth fund managing assets worth $130 billion, according to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. If the finance minister recommends the nominee for KIC CEO, and the recommendation committee accepts and he passes by the operating committee's examination, the President should finally decide whether to appoint the nominee. <Links of the article>

2018-04 17

[Media Briefing][Korea Times] Universities Go Beyond Limit to Attract Foreigners

The Korea Times featured increasing rate of incoming foreign students to Korean universities, on April 3rd. Hanyang ranked the fifth largest number with 1,907 international students. More than 1,000 overseas students are enrolled in seventeen four-year institutions; over the half were from China. The article illustrates a few issues that is considered to be advantageous for foreign students: scholarship program and low acceptance standard. Yet, the article points out that attracting international students has become crucial part of survival for universities in rural areas since enrollment rates in four year universities have continued to drop due to low birth rate, according to data from the Ministry of Education. <Link of the article>

2018-04 17

[Media Briefing][Joongang Daily] Korea and Italy Celebrate Ties in Field of Science

On April 13th, The Joongang Daily, posted an article on Korean and Italian scientists celebrating the first Italian Research Day at the ambassador’s residence in central Seoul on Thursday, the 12th. The event featured long-established academic exchanges between the two countries. According to Enrico Drioli, a professor of energy engineering at Hanyang University, the Italian Minitry of Foreign Affairs and Korean government have been sponsoring joint research since late 1990s. The Italian Embassy addressed that there are 15 Italian scientists currently doing research in Korea, hoping to put mutual effort in field of science. While the Italian Foreign Ministry has dispatched scores of science attaches for academic exchanges around the world, the embassy also plans to promote Italian post-doctoral students to visit Korea for seminars and connections between the researchers. <Link of the article>

2018-03 12

[Employee Briefing][ETnews] Team of Prof. Choi Jae-min, study and development of targeted immunotherapy against cancer

In the 14th edition of ETNews, the results of Professor Choi Jae-min's team on their study and development of "targeted immunotherapy against cancer" was published. Professor Choi Jae-min has elucidated the function of the "Chi 311" gene which regulates the T cell immune system response and developed an immunotherapy against cancer which targets this function. Immunotherapy against cancer is a therapy that enhances one's own immune system against cancer. Meanwhile, Professor Choi said, we “identified an immunomodulatory function of an evolutionarily conserved chitin, enzyme-like protein which confirmed the possibility of developing a targeted immunotherapy against cancer. It is expected that subsequent research will be conducted to investigate the role of the primary defense substances in our immune system.” <Link of the article> (only in Korean)

2018-03 05

[Media Briefing][Munhwa Daily] "Campus remodeling .... a complete change of Hanyang"

On February 21st., in the Munhwa Daily, an article was posted regarding the "Hanyang campus remodeling." The newly renovated Hanyang Library, not only puts round tables with the concept of an "open library for conversation,” it also attracts attention by making movie theaters. It was constructed with bright colors in order to suit the convenience of students and the flow of human traffic. The ERICA Campus, decorated with a cool, wide skylight, was renovated, considerably. In addition, the University’s will was considered to foster creativity in the open space by putting up comfortable chairs and computers, so as to promote free discussion in addition to taking a break. ▲2월 21일 <문화일보> ▲ February 21 <Munhwa Daily>

2018-02 27

[Media Briefing]Hanyang ranked 8th, ERICA at 9th on CEO curriculum evaluation

On February 22, <Korea Economic Daily> released the 'Evaluation of Business Management Course for Executives' Hanyang University ranked 8th (Graduate School of Business, business management course for executives) and ERICA ranked 9th (Graduate School of Industrial Convergence). Hanyang's CEO course ranked 11th in 2016, 10th in 2017 and 8th in 2018. In addition, Hanyang was ranked 4th in the 'future reputation' sector (2.26 points). link of the relevant articles (only in Korean):

2018-01 08

[Media Briefing]【Joongang Daily】 University tour program for middle school students "Middle school students, going to university"

On January 8th, the Joongang Daily, posted an article in the university tour program for middle school students titled: "Middle school students, going to university - Department of Automotive Engineering, Hanyang." Eight middle school students rode autonomous vehicles and talked with professors and researchers about future cars. There are only three universities possessing autonomous vehicles in Korea, including Hanyang University, Seoul National University, and KAIST. Professor Sunwoo Myeong-ho, from the Department of Automotive Engineering, explained, "of the world's population, 1.2 billion people own cars, and 1.3 million people die as a result of them, while 50 million people are injured each year because of traffic accidents. The Department of Automotive Engineering tries to reduce the risk of death and injury through the extensive research and development of automobiles in order to make life more prosperous and convenient." In addition, a student remarked, "after I saw autonomous vehicles directly and listened to the explanation by a professor, I decided to study eagerly and become a knowledgeable developer in the future." ▲ January 8 <Joon-Ang Daily> ▲ January 8 <Joongang Daily>

2017-12 07

[Media Briefing]<Dong-A Daily> Hanyang selected as one of the 'Best Youth Dream Colleges'

On November 28th, the Dong-A Daily announced 10 selected universities, including Hanyang University, for the 'Best Youth Dream Colleges'. This year, the Youth Dream Colleges were selected jointly by Dong-A Daily, the Ministry of Employment, and the Macromill Embrain. It has developed a more sophisticated program which supports students' employment and supporting start-ups than the evaluation in 2015. Hanyang University has HY-CDP, an online platform which can manage their career from entrance to graduation. In addition, HY-CDP produces a personalized employment capability report based on Big Data and results for employment counseling. Based on this, advising professors introduce students to proper jobs or companies, and the students can be prepared for their careers. ▲November, 28 <Dong-A Daily>

2017-12 07

[Media Briefing][Dong-A Daily] Hanyang University, established a start-up experimental space Start-up Town on the campus

On December 6, the Dong-A Daily posted an article about the Start-up Town of Hanyang University. Hanyang University is creating an open space for each college in order to make the campus a space for sharing creative ideas and connecting them to start-ups. As a representative place, there is a start-up experimental space called ‘Start-up Town,’ which is currently under construction. In addition to this support, Hanyang University is also actively supporting students' start-ups by establishing a start-up support team directly responsible to the president, as well as a strengthening of foundation education for undergraduates and the establishment of a graduate school foundation course. ▲December 6, <Dong-A Daily>

2017-11 27

[Media Briefing][The Korea Economic Daily] ERICA Opens Yellow Sea Industrial Belt Manufacturing Innovation Forum with The Korea Economic Daily

The Korea Economy Daily release an article on the Yellow Sea Industrial Belt Manufacturing Innovation Forum held by Hanyang University's ERICA Campus and the Korean Economic Daily on November 23rd. Professor Park Tae-joon of the Hanyang University (Robotics Engineering) at the "Yellow Sea Industrial Belt Manufacturing Innovation Forum" said, "The age of collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence and robots is coming" and added "Universities and research institutes, manufacturers and governments must work together to innovate through collaboration.". This forum was held for the first time last year by ERICA Campus and the Korea Economic Daily to discuss smart manufacturing methods of traditional manufacturing industries concentrated in the Yellow Sea such as Gyeonggi Banwol, Sihwa, Pyeongtaek and Hwaseong. An official from Hanyang University said, "This forum is not just a lecture or a briefing session, but is aimed at creating a concrete success model by working with companies. We will activly collaborate with comapnies who wish to innovate their production process and increase competitiveness of SMEs in Banwol and Sihwa district in order to take ther lead in preparing for the future." ▲ <The Korea Economic Daily> November 23rd

2017-10 25

[Media Briefing][Chosun Ilbo] “Young People, Jump into The Right Thing, Now!”

(full text) She grabbed my hand and shook it. Her charisma was evident through her voice and decisive tone. Mary Robinson (73, photo), the former President of Ireland from 1990 to 1997, visited Korea on the 16th of last month for the Paiknam Prize. The Paiknam Prize was established in order to honor the spirit of Dr. Paiknam Kim Lyun-joon(1914~2008), the founder of Hanyang University. Before the award ceremony, Mary Robinson said, “Korea has a lot of similarities with Ireland, which makes me feel familiar.” She also added, “Korea is a very dynamic country.” In 2005, she had a lecture denouncing North Korea’s human rights situation in Dorasan station in Paju. She is respected as a transformative figure and was a former human rights lawyer who became the first female President in the predominantly conservative Catholic state of Ireland. She was initially a president who played a symbolic role in the parliamentary cabinet system, but by revitalizing and liberalizing the country, she became an incredibly popular president with a 93% approval rating by the time she retired from her presidency. She left two months ahead of the official retirement date and moved to the United Nations as the High Commissioner for Human Rights. “People were in shock, but I really wanted to do this work.” She earned even greater respect after retirement as a UN Envoy and the president of a human rights organization, which helps minorities and marginalized groups of people. In 2007, Mary Robinson along with the former South African President Nelson Mandela, former US President Jimmy Carter, and former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan formed the Elders, in order to seek solutions to international issues. Another former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will be joining the Elders as well. She visited North Korea with several people including former President Carter in 2011. She remembered, “it was a very sad country without an independent voice.” She is currently Chancellor of the University of Dublin and chairman of the Institute for Human Rights and Business. She has set up a foundation and contributed herself to women’s rights and climate change. She said, “Women should be educated at the same level as men, able to exert their full potential, and reach the highest position. Balancing women with men creates the most beneficial outcomes for all societies.” Robinson said that she was concerned about climate change when she visited Africa during a human rights campaign. She said, “I am worried about the future of our 6 grandchildren. Even though US President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement, the opposition has become more intense. Climate change is a complex entanglement of inequalities such as the gap between the rich and poor in addition to gender discrimination. We have to change the direction of our approach to impact the center of nature and science.” Robinson said, “When I was at Harvard Law School in the 1960’s, I was influenced by the atmosphere of young Americans who wanted to find out what they could do for their society.” Speaking to the young generation, Robinson said, “do not procrastinate but take on social responsibilities which you can afford to do now.”

2017-09 26

[Media Briefing][Korea Times] Multicultural Awards Judge Wins Presidential Recognition

Cha Yun-kyung, a prefossor at Hanyang University Department of Education, received the presidential commendation in Korea Multicultural Youth Awards for his contributions in multiculturalism. In 2008, he helped establish the Korean Association for Multicultural Education and through it helped bring about many education and social policies for multicultural youths and families. <Korea Times, page 4>