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01/08/2018 News Briefing > Media Briefing


【Joongang Daily】 University tour program for middle school students "Middle school students, going to university"

Department of Automotive Engineering


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On January 8th, the Joongang Daily, posted an article in the university tour program for middle school students titled: "Middle school students, going to university - Department of Automotive Engineering, Hanyang." Eight middle school students rode autonomous vehicles and talked with professors and researchers about future cars. There are only three universities possessing autonomous vehicles in Korea, including Hanyang University, Seoul National University, and KAIST. Professor Sunwoo Myeong-ho, from the Department of Automotive Engineering, explained, "of the world's population, 1.2 billion people own cars, and 1.3 million people die as a result of them, while 50 million people are injured each year because of traffic accidents. The Department of Automotive Engineering tries to reduce the risk of death and injury through the extensive research and development of automobiles in order to make life more prosperous and convenient." In addition, a student remarked, "after I saw autonomous vehicles directly and listened to the explanation by a professor, I decided to study eagerly and become a knowledgeable developer in the future."

January 8 <Joon-Ang Daily>

January 8 <Joongang Daily>

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