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11/20/2019 News Briefing > Media Briefing


[The Korea Economic Daily] Hanyang University Opens the First Enterprise Customized 'AI Solution Center' in Korea

An Article from October 10th, "The First 'Enterprise Customized AI Center 'Opens at Hanyang University'"


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The Korea Economic Daily delivered the opening of Hanyang 'AI Solution Center' on October 10th. Hanyang University opened the 'AI Solution Center' where an integrated solution is provided for all areas that AI technology can be applied, from the manufacturing sector to the market analysis sector. Director Gang Sang-gi, the director of the AI Development Group at Samsung Electronics, was named as the first director. The AI Solution Center will develop technologies asked for by companies.

In opening the AI Solution Center, support from President Kim Jae-cheol of the Dongwon Group was substantial. Following his words of "The 20th century was for those who ruled the ocean, and the 21st century is for those who rule AI," the Dongwon Group donated 3 billion won.

The AI Solution Center will not only develop technologies but also provide seminars for entrepreneurs. For those who want to learn about AI, practical educational programs will be provided, and the same applies to graduate school students who want to learn AI.

The Hanyang Global News Team    -
*With translation by Seongchae Lee
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