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12/05/2019 News Briefing > Media Briefing > 코멘트/인터뷰


[JoongAng Ilbo] Kim Woo-seung, President of Hanyang University, interviews about social influence of universities

An Excerpt from the article, “Teach less and coach more… Leave the laboratory and enter the market," on November 23


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The weekend edition of <JoongAng Ilbo> reported an interview with President Kim Woo-seung on November 23. In this interview, Kim said, “Universities should play a central role in academic-industrial cooperation by strengthening their connection with society, especially industries.” Kim also stressed the need for universities to find a path to industry-academic cooperation to overcome the financial crisis. Moreover, he cited the example of Hanyang University's energy engineering professor Seon Yang-gook and chemistry professor Sung Myung-mo earning $3.3 million in technology transfer income from overseas companies. Also, he mentioned that startups are a long tradition of Hanyang University in that 11,213 companies and 2,153 startups(operated for less than seven years) are run by Hanyang alumni.
 “(To the students) I will cultivate outstanding job skills related to undergraduate majors, and ultimately become a practitioner of love, Hanyang’s founding philosophy. I mean the knowledge and experience that society needs,” Kim said. Kim gave an example of IC-PBL, Industry-Coupled Project (Problem) -Based Learning.
Kim also emphasized that the university should serve as a guide to arouse students' intellectual curiosity and develop their self-learning skills beyond transferring knowledge, a traditional role of universities. He also requested that university assessments not only quantitatively aggregate university capacities, but also support universities to influence society.

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Global News Team
Translated by Hyejeong Park
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