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12/05/2019 News Briefing > Media Briefing


[Yonhap News] Thai-born Hanyang Professor Becomes 200,000th Naturalized Citizen of South Korea

An Article from November 20th, "Thai-born professor becomes 200,000th naturalized citizen of South Korea"


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The Yonhap News Agency delivered the news of Professor Krisda Chaemsaithong (English Language and Literature) being 200,000th naturalized citizen of South Korea. "While living in Korea, I got to truly love the Korena people and culture. Since I obtained citizenship in recognition of my academic achievements, I will try to contribute more to the Republic of Korea's academic development and nurturing of talents," said the professor in the event held by the Ministry of Justice.

There were a few more people in the event: five from Uzbekistan, four from Armenia, and one from the United States, Mongolia, Taiwan, Russia, and China.

Since the foundation of the South Korean government in 1948, it has been accepting its naturalized citizens from 1957. The number of naturalized was 33 per year until 2000, but due to increased visitation to Korea for various reasons, the number has increased sharply in the early 2000s. Around 11,000 people per year obtained South Korean nationality over the past 10 years, according to the ministry.

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Global News Team
Translation by: Seongchae Lee
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