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04/13/2019 News Briefing > Media Briefing > 외부기고


[Hankyung] Hanyang University Science and Engineering Professors Teache UAE High Schoolers

UAE Ambassador Program


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On April 10th, Hankyung published an article titled ‘Hanyang University first in the nation to participate in the UAE Ambassador Program.’ Hanyang University kicked off the advancement of Korean universities into the Middle East after providing elite UAE high school students with a short-term intensive education program.

The UAE Ambassador Program is a program where the UAE Ministry of Education sends 500 students and teachers annually to countries with advanced education systems to foster their brightest students. Hanyang University began preparing this program after Hussein al-Mahadi, the UAE minister of education visited Hanyang University during a visit to Korea in May of last year at the invitation of the Korea foreign office. 

Hanyang University prepared a science and engineering curriculum at the request from UAE Ministry of Education. The official title of the program is ‘STEM education as hedge against the 4th industrial revolution,’ in which ‘STEM’ stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Around 40 high school students who were selected by the UAE learned about common topics in Korean science and technology including automotive engineering and semiconductors from the 30th of last month for 2 weeks.

As this is the first program in the nation, Hanyang University developed a curriculum with its top teaching staff to successfully design the program. There will be time for various practice activities and presentations aside from lectures on theory. Hanyang University plans to get a head start in securing the education demands of the Middle East through the UAE Ambassador Program. Hanyang University President Kim Woo-seung, who was seen at the welcoming ceremony of the UAE Ambassador Program said, “The success of this UAE Ambassador Program is anticipated to bring about great help in attracting UAE foreign students in 2~3 years .” He went on to say, “We will actively procure the educational demands of the entire Middle East beyond the UAE by providing the highest level of curriculum.”
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Translations by: Kim Hyun-soo

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