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08/07/2017 News Briefing > Media Briefing


[Korea Joongang Daily] Smarter Robots Might not Mean Fewer Jobs


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 It's no wonder people believe the advent of smart factories could mean the loss of jobs. A 2015 report by Boston Consulting Group about the effect of advanced factory technology estimates "a greater use of robotics and computerization will reduce the number of jobs in assembly and production by approximately 610,000."
 However, the consulting firm also noted that these job losses "will be more than offset by the creation of approximately 960,000 new jobs." The new jobs, according to the firm, will be created from increased demand for highly-skilled workers in information technology, analytics and research and development, as well as newly created employment opportunities.
 As job demands are set to differ in the future, universities are crafting measures to help students adjust.
The ERICA Campus of Hanyang University in Gyeonggi is working with LS Industrial Systems to educate students in core technologies related to smart factories including user interface design for factory machines.

▲ August 7th <Korea Joongang Daily> Page 5

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