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09/04/2019 News Briefing > Media Briefing


[Korea Biomedical Review] Hanyang University-KAIST team discovers a new anticancer substance

These new findings are expected to replace existing cancer therapies


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A newly discovered anticancer peptide triggers cancer cells to destroy themselves. By disturbing cellular ions, major cellular functions are inhibited. This method of disturbing cellular ions is also one of the primary methods in anti-cancer treatments.
However, disturbing cell ions presented major difficulties and were not applicable in clinical trials due to certain limitations -- such as low solubility.

In an effort solve this limitation, the Hanyang University and KAIST based teams led by professors Yoon Chae-ok and Kim Yoo-chun respectively, worked tirelessly to discover an alpha-helical peptide-based anticancer substance. This new anticancer peptide is water-soluble but has potassium (K) ion transport capability.
In addition, animal experiments have proven that the substance effectively hinders cancer growth. Cells that are now able to self-destruct are expected to replace former cancer therapies. “The new anticancer peptide lowers intracellular potassium concentration and increases intracellular calcium (Ca) concentration,” the team added.

The findings by Hanyang University and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) were displayed on the back cover of the July edition of Advanced Science.

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