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2018-12 29

[Donation]Hanyang Alumni Volunteers delivered briquettes to low-income people in Seongdong-gu

Hanyang Harmony (the volunteer group) delivered briquettes to low-income households in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on December 15th. A total of 2,700 briquettes were delivered to 14 low-income families by approximately 100 members of the Hanyang family from students, faculty members, and alumni in Seongdong-gu (Majang-dong and Sageun-dong), where the school is located. The goods were provided with support from the Seongsu General Social Welfare Center and by voluntary donations from participants. It has been six years of Hanyang University's volunteer group giving out briquettes to low-income households in Seongdong-gu, Seoul under the philosophy of ‘love in deed and truth.’ Members of the Hanyang Harmony (the volunteer group) are posing for a photo by showing their hands used to carry briquettes. Members of the Hanyang Harmony (the volunteer group) are carrying out briquettes for low-income households in Seongdong-gu, Seoul. Another photo of members of Hanyang Harmony (the volunteer group) carrying out briquettes. Members of Hanyang Harmony are standing in line to carry out briquettes. Hanyang Harmony (the volunteer group) is taking their commemorative photo on the Seoul Campus before their volunteer work begins.

2018-12 04

[Donation]The 2018 Love Gimjang Sharing Event

The Hanyang University Alumni Volunteer Corps, named 'Together Han-dae' conducted their '2018 Love Gimjang Sharing' event in front of the Hanyang University Administration Building with the Seongsu Social Welfare Center on November 10th. A total of 200 people from Hanyang University including alumni, faculty, students, and members of the social welfare center volunteered their time for this event. 10 kilograms of Kimchi will be delivered to each of the 500 households including senior citizens living alone, the disabled, and children who are the head of their households in Seongdong-gu. ▲ Chinese students studying at Hanyang University are making Kimchi. ▲ Some of Hanyang University's children are making kimchi. ▲ Hanyang University alumni, faculty, students, and members of the social welfare center are making kimchi. ▲ Hanyang University alumni, faculty, students, and members of the social welfare center pose for a commemorative group photo of the event.

2018-05 25

[Donation]Kim Hyo-joon, chairman of BMW Korea, donated 500 million won to Hanyang University

Kim Hyo-joon, chairman of BMW Group Korea, donated 500 million won in scholarship funds to Hanyang University on March 23rd. The scholarship donated by Chairman Kim will be used mainly for Hanyang students from socially disadvantaged classes. Hanyang University also opened the BMW CAD / CAE Laboratory at the Chung Mong-koo Automotive Research Center on the Seoul Campus in honor of Chairman Kim, who is well-versed in the development of the automobile industry. In response to the fourth industrial revolution, Chairman Kim and Hanyang University joined forces to respond to the new era through the strengthening of computer application design and engineering education, which are both essential for developing future automotive technologies. “We hope to support young people who will lead the future of our country and help society. We also wish that the students who want to learn will be able to concentrate on their studies without any financial burden," Kim said at the ceremony. Chairman Kim Hyo-jun joined BMW Korea as a finance expert in 1995 and established the first local subsidiary of an imported car company. After serving as vice president in 1998, he became president of BMW Korea in 2000 and has been chairman of BMW Korea since January of this year. President of Hanyang University Lee Young-moo said, “We appreciate Chairman Kim's contribution to the development of the university and to Korean society, and we will do our best to help our students study without any difficulties.”

2018-04 11

[Donation]Actor Jang Geun-suk donates 100 million won to Hanyang University

▲Actor Jang Geun Suk (Theater and Film, '06) donated 100 million won for a scholarship fund to Hanyang University, which is his alma master, on April 3. (From the left) Jang Geun Suk Alumni and Lee Young-moo Actor Jang Geun Suk (Theater and Film, '06) donated 100 million won for a scholarship fund to Hanyang University, which is his alma mater, on April 3. Jang Geun-suk, a representative model of a drug company, donated 100 million won, part of his modeling fee, to the scholarship fund to support students. Jang Geun-suk has donated 1.2 billion won toward scholarships since 2011. He began studying at Hanyang in 2006, and has been working steadily since 2001 as a "sharing professor" at Hanyang in order to spread the meaning of community service and love. Jang Geun\-sSuk said, "I am proud that I have given more opportunity to my juniors who want to learn, since I have embraced Hanyang University's philiosphy, 'love in deed and truth.' I would like to do my best to help whenever the university needs it." Prior to this, Jang Geun Suk led the efforts to promote Korea as a PR ambassador for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics, and Gangwon Province.

2018-03 20

[Donation]Chairman of the D. K. Kim Foundation, Kim Dong-koo Donates 1 Billion Won to Hanyang University

A Korean businessman living in America, Kim Dong-koo, Chairman of the D. K. Kim Foundation, donated 1 billion Korean won to the development fund of Hanyang University on the 13th of March. Having moved to the United States in 1989, Kim Dong-koo founded an import and distribution company and achieved success in the distribution industry. In 2003, he founded the D. K. Kim Foundation and provided scholarships to students in the United States as well as in underprivileged countries. In 2017, the D. K. Kim Korea Foundation was established by President Lee Jong-hyun to assist Korean students and support cultural and artistic fields. With this donation, Chairman Kim announced, "We wish to cultivate a global leader who can lead the development of underprivileged countries. I will support international students at Hanyang University." ▲ Kim Dong-koo, chairman of the D.K.Kim Foundation (left) and Lee Young-moo, President of Hanyang University (right), are taking a commemorative photo after the Development Fund Donation Ceremony at the Seoul Campus in Seongdong- gu, Seoul.

2016-12 15

[Donation]'Hanyang Harmony' Supports Bicycle Donation Project in Vietnam

‘Hanyang Harmony’, the alumni volunteers of Hanyang University, provides bicycles to Binh Dinh Province in Vietnam as a donation project. Hanyang Harmony signed a business agreement with Seongsu Community Center, along with Seoul Bicycle Network and Seoul Province Self-sufficiency Center at Hanyang University Seoul Campus in Seongdong-Gu on the 15th. Four organizations will jointly ship second-hand bicycles that have been repaired at local self support centers in Seoul, and provide them to students in need at Tây Sơn District. Director Kim Yong-soo said, “the Binh Dinh Province is a deeply wounded area due to the Vietnam War. Following the various activities that have been started since 2014, we hope that this bicycle support project will convey the spirit of reconciliation, love and sharing to local residents.” ※Hanyang Harmony is a volunteer corps made by Hanyang university alumni in order to live up to its founding philosophy: ‘Love in Deed and Truth’. It was established in 2012 and was reorganized into a corporation entity in 2015. ▲From left, Executive Secretary of Seoul Province Self-sufficiency Center, Park Jin-soo, Manager of Seoul Bicycle Network Kim Kyung-mi, Director of Hanyang Harmony, Kim Yong-soo and Manager of Seongsu Community Center, Park Eul-jong