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11/05/2019 HYU News > Donation


Chairman Park Hwa-yeong of Incoco Donates 10 billion won to Hanyang University

'An Icon of Fusion' who breaks down interdisciplinary boundaries: A classical vocal major who succeeded as an entrepreneur


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Chairman Park Hwa-yeong (61), the chairman of the global enterprise, Incoco, a company famous for attachable nail polish, promised to donate 10 billion won to Hanyang University for future students.

Incoco, a New Jersey-based company, is a multinational enterprise that takes 20% of the American nail-polish market and has also expanded to the United Kingdom, France, and Korea. Its annual sales were more than 200 billion won last year.

As a classical vocal major, he went to the United States 30 years ago to be the greatest singer of the world, but he started to develop 'nail polish film' as he wondered 'How can I simplify the process of painting and drying the nail polish?' He established Incoco in 1988 and studied chemistry, which is far from his major, and for the first time in the world, commercialized 'nail polish film.'

Chairman Park, who collapsed the interdisciplinary boundary, is famous as 'the icon of fusion,' and Hanyang University granted an honorary engineering doctorate last February to praise his achievements.

During his celebration ceremony, he said, "I think the key to my success was patience, tenacity, and passion. I learned this while studying music." He also stated, "I wish many future Hanyang students break down the border between the different fields of study and achieve what they pursue."

Hanyang Global News Team     -
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