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12/20/2019 HYU News > Donation


'The legend of Silicon Valley', Chairman Hwang Kyu-bin donates KRW 2.3 billion to Hanyang University

Expected to be spent on building the Electronic Hall in Seoul Campus


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 Hwang Gyu-bin, a former Televideo chairman, recently donated KRW 2.3 billion to Hanyang University. He developed the world's first computer network system, whose corporation was listed on the NASDAQ for the first time in Korea. The donation will be used to build the Electronic Hall at Hanyang University’s Seoul Campus.

 Hwang is called “The living legend of Silicon Valley.” Hwang, who studied nuclear engineering at Hanyang University, renovated his garage in Silicon Valley in the United States in 1975 and set up a Televideo, a small computer company. Televideo was the world's first network system in the US computer market in the 1980s. Moreover, it was listed on NASDAQ after being praised for advancing personal devices to work devices. Since then, Hwang has been operating Xeline, a company that owns high-speed powerline communication chipset technology, with a real estate company that has more than 1000 apartments, shopping centers, and hotels in Silicon Valley.

Hwang, who has been in the field of electronics for a lifetime, said, “We want our juniors to concentrate on studying without difficulty in the newly built Electronic Hall.” He also added, “If you have an idea, do not hesitate. Do it with a blueprint.”

▲ Chairman Hwang Kyu-bin of Xeline (on the left) is taking a commemorative photo after signing a donation of KRW 2.3 billion with Hanyang President Kim Woo-seung.

Global News Team
Translated by Hyejeong Park
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