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02/04/2020 HYU News > Donation


Memorable Hanyang Alumni Meetings of 2019

Hanyang Alumni Meetings that held various events throughout the past year


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Reminiscing back at the past year, we have looked over some alumni meetings that shed light on Hanyang from various fields. The meetings were Alumni Meetings for Colleagues of '85, '86, '87, Colleagues of '79, Hanyang Women's Alumni Meeting, Meeting for Colleagues of '59 of the Department of Fiber Engineering, Hanyang Alumni Volunteer Group, Alumni Meeting for Professors in Office, and the Alumni Meeting for School Faculty. 

Alumni Meeting for the Colleagues of '87
The alumni meetings for colleagues of each year have been continuing since their organization at the Homecoming Event Celebrating 30th Year of Admission. Especially the alumni of the year '85 to '87 of the three years are encouraging their juniors through events such as the yearly late-night snack event. The students felt especially happy during May of 2019, feeling connectedness with their Hanyang alumni, regardless of the 30 years of time gap. Through the event, the juniors were reminded of the promise to take care of their juniors as well, after 30 years from now.

Alumni Meeting for the Colleagues of '79 
The colleagues of '79 contracted the granting of scholarship, with the scholarship fund they have collected over the past 10 years. The first fund that has been collected with the love for Hanyang juniors went past over 100 million won, which will be granted to 5 students every year with 4 million won each, starting from 2019. The steady movement of the colleagues of '79 has become a great precedent for the juniors.

Hanyang Women's Alumni Meeting

While there are more than 85,000 women alumni that Hanyang produced, there has not yet been a firmly established women alumni network of Hanyang until recently. 'Hanyang Women's Alumni Meeting' was created in May of 2019, when 80 women alumni were invited to the Homecoming Day to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Hanyang University. On the same day, along with the establishment of the alumni meeting, the Hanyang University choir was also created, comprised of 24 members. After, the Women's Alumni Meeting successfully conducted the first 'Love Sharing Bazaar' during September 2019.

Colleagues of '59 of the Department of Fiber Engineering
In April of 2019, colleagues of '59 of the Department of Fiber Engineering visited Hanyang University to celebrate the 60th year of school admission. They have also contracted 5 million won for a scholarship. It was the attitude of alumni of setting the milestone for their juniors, looking at their school developed more over the years. 

Hanyang Alumni Volunteer Group 

Hanyang Alumni Volunteer Group shined its light on Hanyang through various volunteer works over the year. The members have done volunteer works such as Babfor, Sharing Love & Kimchi, Hanyang Fund-Raising Concert, and Coal Briquettes Delivery for Neighbors in Korea, shining Hanyang University with active volunteer works throughout various locations. 

Alumni Meeting for Professors in Office
Alumni of professors in the office held an examination period late-night snack event called 'Sharing love for juniors and students through Dda-bap' within both campuses. They encouraged students that were studying for the test during the period. Such late-night snack events will be continued throughout the future.

Alumni Meeting for School Faculty

In June 2019, members of the Alumni Meeting for School Faculty donated 120 million won for development funds to Hanyang University, which will be used for scholarships of juniors and enrolled students at the school. 

Choir of Colleagues of '87
'Choir' comprised of colleagues of '87 supported 700 kg of white rice to the people of vulnerable social groups around Asan, through the Asan Civic Choir. Through the incident, they have actualized true 'Love in Deed and Truth' for the neighbors that need care and love.

The above are the works of alumni groups that have conducted extraordinary actions throughout the past year. There are numerous other alumni events and alumni that show their love for the juniors and Hanyang University, constantly communicating with the school. We are hoping that more stories as such would be written during the year 2020, showing pride and the feeling of warmth over Hanyangians.  

Global News Team
Translated by: Lee Wonyoung
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