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Training professional personnel with quality and customized medicare service ability

Hanyang University ERICA Campus College of Pharmacy aims to cultivate core bio-pharmaceuticals through training of future pharmaceutical personnel and bio-pharmaceuticals-medical convergence education and research in Gyeonggi Province based on the academic-research cluster.

To promote the development of new pharmaceuticals, the College of Pharmacy aims to promote specialized research. In addition, the college also plans to further cultivate the pharmaceutical industry by supporting industrial pharmacists and research pharmacists by promoting research on industry-academic cooperation with local corporations.

In order to achieve this end, the ‘New Medicine Cluster Center’ will be constructed within the College of Pharmacy. Additionally, the ‘ERICA Drug Transfer Research Center,’ which will develop the drug delivery system and incrementally modified drugs, and the ‘Industrial Pharmacology Research Center,’ which will perform collaborative research with local corporations, will be established.

Educational Objectives

Educational Ideology 

1. Cultivate 『practical pharmacists 』 with a sense of ethics and personality who value the dignity of life and who will serve humanity.

2. Cultivate 『practical pharmacists』 who have acquired the essential pharmacological knowledge and skills to provide drug services in improving the health of the community. 

3. Cultivate 『active pharmacists』 who will lead this era through self-directed learning methods.

4. Cultivate 『creative pharmacists』 based on scientific thinking suitable for future pharmacists.

Educational Purpose

By providing innovative educational courses in a student-centered environment, the purpose is to produce competent and ethical pharmacological personnel who combine theories and best pharmacology and pharmaceutical practices along with new drug development. Major curricula and best practices focus on clinical medicine and industrial pharmacological areas thus meeting the medical treatment requirements of national and regional communities. They are also contributed to by the development of the local pharmaceutical industry through the training of expert personnel with knowledge of quality customized drug services and pharmaceutical management. This also contributes to the enhancement of national competitiveness by encouraging researchers to develop core technologies in the field of new drug delivery systems.

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