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Greetings from the dean

‘Software is consuming the world.’
‘Every company is a software company.’

We live in a software-driven society where we can empathize with this statement.

Hanyang University, ERICA Campus has established the College of Computing to cultivate global leaders and entrepreneurs competitive enough to lead the new generation. 
The College of Computing consists of the Division of Computer Science which has an entrance quota of 100 students, while the Division of Media, Culture, and Design Technology has a quota of 70 students.
The Division of Computer Science will continue to advance by continuing the tradition of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, which has produced a number of individuals who have been responsible for the nation's computer/software industry since it was first established at Hanyang University in 1985. The newly established Division of Media, Culture, and Design Technology aims to cultivate a convergence of new technologies and services that can improve the quality of human life based on creative and convergent thinking and software technology.

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Department Of Applied Physics Information Faculty IAB Faculty Curriculum
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Won, Hoshik

Won, Hoshik

Hwang, Seung Yong

Hwang, Seung Yong


과학기술융합대학 부학장

Kim, Dai-Gyoung

Kim, Dai-Gyoung