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Dept. location ERICA Campus Communication and Social Sciences Hall
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The College of Communication consists of the Department of Advertising & Public Relations, Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, Department of Information Sociology, and Department of Media & Social Informatics. 

In the Department of Advertising & Public Relations, academic fields that are close to consumers, such as advertising, promotion, marketing, communication, sociology, and consumer psychology, are used to foster experts who are accustomed to practicing, as well as utilizing scientific knowledge through their education and training in the areas of advertising/promotion planning, production, investigation, and effect measurement.

The Department of Journalism & Mass Communication helps students cultivate the ability to understand and apply in practice the theories of communication, media, journalism, mass communication, and social survey analysis. 

The Department of Information Sociology’s mission is to promote scientific understanding and a practical approach to societal information through theoretical and empirical analysis of a modern information-based society.

The Department of Media & Social Informatics is a department that merges the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication and the Department of Information Sociology in order to foster intelligent information management specialists through the theoretical and practical education such as data science, data management, data journalism, and informatics design.

The College of Communication actively promotes multidisciplinary majors that can combine various departments and majors within a university. By doing so, the company is fostering the outstanding individuals society requires. In addition, scientific education systems such as MCN Studio, photo lab, advertisement production lab, and information society lab are available for students' academic research, and competent faculty are devoted to conducting academic research and educating students.
Department/Major info
Division Of Advertising & Public Relations Information Faculty IAB Faculty Curriculum
Department Of Journalism & Mass Communication Information Faculty IAB Faculty Curriculum
Department Of Information Sociology Information Faculty Curriculum
Faculty info
Han, Miejeong

Han, Miejeong
Dean, College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Hyung-Jin Woo

Hyung-Jin Woo
Associate Dean, University-Industry Cooperation, College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Lee, Hyung-Seok

Lee, Hyung-Seok

Hyung-Jin Woo

Hyung-Jin Woo

Hyung-Jin Woo

Hyung-Jin Woo
Supervising Professor, Preparation Course for National Qualification in Journalism (ERICA)